Saturday, October 4, 2014

Long Live the Car Crash Hearts

Whoo! I'm here! I'm bloggin'!
BASICALLY, I've been absent from blogspot for a while AGAIN. I've been meaning to post a whole bunch-o-outfits, BUT, I'm always forgetting to take pics AND I've been real busy since I started school again (Running Start!) and became the new Pulp Zine poetry editor (check out my first Late Night Poetry Club here!!) AND have just been makin' art, having feelings, etc. BUT, now I'm like, always on the computer so I am anticipating SOME REALLY GOOD BLOGGING now! SO, THEN, here's a cute lil' outfit I wore today when we got Halloween decorations from our storage unit and ran some errands. 

Dog collar // Pet store (my brother got it when he was 9)
Shirt // Ebay
Jacket // Etsy
Velvet leggings // Chubby Cartwheels 
Shoes // T.U.K.

TAKING PICS OF YOUR OUTFITS IS HARD WORK, DUDES. The first two are taken from weird camera timer angles, but Mirren took the 3rd one at the storage units and it turned out 50000% PERFECT.

Boooo pin // me
Platonic Sweethearts pin // Wishcandy
Spooky Babe // me
Whatever pin // me
I've been switching around my pins a bit lately, esp. since I now have an awesome button maker that is, literally, MY HEART. You can get both the Whatever and Booooo pins at my shop, too!

(I rubbed my eyebrow shadow onto my nose accidentally and THAT'S why there's purple stuff all over my nose. EXCUSE YOU, BROWS.)
I added some REALLY CUTE eye shadow to my normal smudgy eyeliner stuff. Both of them are from an '80s themed Manic Panic make-up set, and my lipstick is Revlon Colorburst Matte Lipbalm. I GOTTA TAKE JUST ONE SEC TO TELL YOU THIS IS MY FAVORITE LIPPY, EVER, OF ALL TIME, AND THAT WILL NEVER EVER EVER CHANGE. I have the purple one, which is the most gorgeous-stunning-knock ya socks off purple I have EVER SEEN. Chubby pencils are officially my fave lip applicator, and this one is literally LIFE to me.

FINALLY, here's two super cute outtakes I took!! I hope you cuties are having a super fab weekend, and I'll see ya next time!!


P.S. YES, I did use a Fall Out Boy lyric as my title. YOU ARE 6000000% WELCOME.