Thursday, August 23, 2012


I got a Tumblr....

And happy birthday to my teen idol and inspiration!

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This is How I Spend My Money

A couple of weeks ago, I remembered why I never go into the grocery store anymore.
I generally walk out with at least one item that I just needed to have.
BUT, in justification of this, I did buy some DANG RAD stuff in a few weeks ago.
Here we go.

I have wanted some new stickers for forever and ever and ever and ever.
SO, when we went to get some partayyy supplies for moi's birthday (1 week of 14-teen-ness tomorrow), I found these and was like, OH YAH, SMILIES, NEED THEM NOW.
Plus they were $2.00 for a pack of 8. I AM SO THRIFTY.

 Then I lost control and found these sunglasses.
As I said before, I needed them.
They are so '60s/'70s and cool.

PLUS, even I hated these glasses, I would want them simply because when I take pictures through them, they look like this:


I was planning on spending the $20 in my wallet wisely,
but then I found Tavi staring at me from the magazine rack and I COULD NOT HELP MYSELF.
So I decided to be cute and put smiley stickers on her.

And now I have no money.

Psychedelic Daisy

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Life for The Past Week

I wore this outfit to this meeting that was re-scheduled...

Cardigan: thrifted
Dress: Ande Monster on Etsy
Belt: Ross
Tights: Forever 21
Shoes: Torrid 

...And then my brother talked me into going to Moonrise Kingdom (I didn't want to go because I was really tired and was all like LET ME SLEEP), which was an awesome movie, and I was like WHOA I AM ALREADY DRESSED FOR THIS, HOW COOL IS THAT?

Then I put this together in about 10 minutes, and wore it to go on a 5 minute drive (I like pretending to have things to do).

 Headband: from dance show
Cami: Forever 21
Over shirt: thrifted
Skirt: thirfted
Shoes: Torrid

While wearing that headband, I realized: I love having bangs.

And, finally, here is a make-up look I tried:

YES, it looks kind of stupid over the internetz, but in REAL LIFE, it was pretty cool. I based it on this look Twiggy had, back in ye old '60s:

Whoa, I luv you Twiggy <3

Psychedelic Daisy

Sunday, August 12, 2012

It Used to Be July

I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago...

 Daisy hair clip: hand embellished (OOH I AM SO FANCY)
Necklace: vintage 1960s from Nana
Vest: thrift gift! 
Sweater: thrifted
Jeans: Gloria Vanderbilt
Shoes: hand-me-down Converse

Apart from looking completely adorable in this picture (sarcasm), I think the outfit it purtayy rad.
And, that necklace is made from real nut shells and is definitely the best thing ever.

 Here is me and my friend at a Shakespeare play.
I'm wearing that groovy pink shawl and my daisy crown before I took it on a trip and all the daisies fell off.

This was when my brother was opening presents on his birthday, and there was this AWESOME red ribbon on one of the presents, so I just had to take it off to do the whole Jumpin' Jack Flash thing.


Psychedelic Daisy

Friday, August 10, 2012


So, I recently found out about what is now my NEW FAVORITEST PLACE ON THE INTERNET EARTH, Retronaut.
SO, here is my daily dose of inspiration, courtesy of Retronaut.

These pictures of Marilyn Monroe at her divorce press conference are really interesting to me, because back then it was really uncommon that you would see celebrities breaking down in public like that. Everything was supposed to be rosy and sweet for famous people (and if it wasn't, that was what the public was supposed to think), but here you see such raw human emotion from her.
 Marilyn Monroe's Divorce Press Conference, 1954

SPEAKING OF MARILYN, here come the Kennedy's!
Let's just say I would totally steal some Jackie and John mannequins and have them be my best friends, and leave it at that.
 Jackie and JFK Mannequins, 1961

I will pay $5,000,000,000,000 for any of these posters, if someone can, you know, make them real or something.
By the way...
Psychedelic Postcards, Grande Ballroom, Detroit 1967/68

 Okay, I am totally diggin' that poster. 
Plus that dude in the front with the rad striped shirt.
2nd Annual Atlanta Pop Festival, 1970

I think I imagine high school in 1969 to have been this big party, where everyone dressed cool and just LOVED EACH OTHER.
Probably not true...
High School Fashions, 1969

You probably wondered if Debbie Harry was always that cool.
Good news... 
She was.
And, I am really lovin' Dolly Parton in high school. DOLLY, WHY DID YOU GO THROUGH ALL THE SURGERY YOU LOOKED SO GOOD.
And, it is so trippy to the love of my life, my IDOL, Roseanne, in high school. BASICALLY I AM TRYING TO SAY THAT ALL THESE PEOPLE WERE REALLY CUTE TEENAGERS.
And then we come to that kid on the end. YES, that is GEORGE CLOONEY.
I really wish he would've stuck with this look, because then I would totally be obsessed with him. 

So, Retronaut is "DEFF TOTES" rad (SEE, I AM SO IN WITH DA KIDS).

Psychedelic Daisy

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Twenty Years Ago and Today

Here is what I wore to a meeting which was actually re-scheduled:

 Cardigan: thrifted
Blouse: thrifted
Skirt: Wet Seal
Tights: Forever 21
Shoes: Torrid
Bag: thrifted

Here's a make-up look I tried out last night (which I call something like NIGHT IN '70s DAVID BOWIE LONDON):

Barely visible purple eyeshadow: L.A. Colors (CURSE YOU, CHEAP MAKE-UP)
Black eyeshadow: Hard Candy
Orange lipstick: unknown brand

And here is a look I wore about a week ago:

 Blue eyeshadow: L.A. Colors
Lipstick: Covergirl Cover-Up
 Earrings: Nana's from the '60s

Here is an outfit I wore a week or two ago:

 Shirt: Hottopic
Jeans: Gloria Vanderbilt
Shoes: hand-me-downs

And I close-up of LE MAKE-UP:

 Glasses: A.J. Morgan
Lipstick: Revlon

Psychedelic Daisy

Monday, August 6, 2012

Inspirational Photos of the Day

Sources, from top to bottom: Miss Tacoma beauty queen from Retro Space, S.E. Hinton from Google Images, lock of Marilyn Monroe's hair from Rookie, Winona Ryder in Edward Scissorhands from Rookie