Tuesday, February 26, 2013


So, a realllly long time ago Lillian asked me to do a post centering around my ~beauty goods~! Um, WOW, I'M LAZY AND THAT WAS FOREVER AGO, but I still really wanted to show you guys my ~BEAUTIFUL STUFF~! BE WARNED, GUYS: I'm poor/cheap and NEVER throw anything away, and I by no means am a trendy make-upper! Some of this stuff may actually be discontinued FOREVER, because purty much everything I own is OLD and from when I was 12.

My dresser with it's pretty tingz <3 <3

My basic eye stuff, which consists of:
Hard Candy Walk the Line liquid eyeliner 
Manic Panic Lip Locked pencil eyeliner
CoverGirl's Lashblast Fusion mascara
A totally unknown eyelash curler, which might be CoverGirl/Maybelline/something at Wal-Mart?

SO, my most frequently asked question is about my eyeliner: What is it? Where do I get this? You look really good and I want to look cool like you so what do I do? (No one has actually said this to me, but I'm dreaming one day someone will tell me I am fabulous and awesome and they want to be my alter-eyeliner-ego. End of dreamz.)

I use Hardy Candy's Walk the Line liquid eyeliner (THIS STUFF IS WHAT KEEPS MAMA ALIVE), and you can get it at Wal-Mart and online. This is the only kind I've ever tried, other than this god awful Wet 'n' Wild stuff, and when I used to wet a brush and put black eye shadow on it and tried to coax a line out of there (those were SICK, SAD days). As you can see, I tried to show the varying degrees of thickness that you can create with this stuff. LIKE I SAID, I'm like an eyeliner virgin, but this stuff is pretty rad, as long as you aren't constantly rubbing your eyes and wiping them on a wall or something (WAIT WHO DOES THAT??). It's actually stayed on after I went in a lake a whole bunch this summer. And, it does beat a wet brush and black eye shadow FO SHO.

AS YOU PROBABLY KNOW, I LURV lipstick! LIPSTICK 5EVER. LIPSTICK FOR DAYS. LIPSTICK RULES MY SOUL AND IS PRETTY, and above is part of nail polish/lipstick collection on a mirror my great-great grandmother owned. OH YEAH, WE'RE GOIN' ANTIQUE.

My lipstick collection from left to right:
Revlon lipstick in British Red 
Revlon lipstick in Volcanic (?)
Really awful Wet 'n' Wild stuff I've had for 4 year that has amazing color in unknown (when I wear red lipstick, it's either this or British Red. DIDN'T I SAY I NEVER THROW ANYTHING AWAY??)
CoverGirl cover-up (Since nude lipstick is uber hard to find/supa expensive, cover-up in the lightest shade possible is really easy to find and also works well as a primer or to mix lipstick colors)
CoverGirl lipstick in Rose Quartz
Revlon lipstick in Demure
Rimmel London lipstick in Crush

When you live in a REAAAALLY small town, you really don't have much choice, so you kind of have to choose Wet 'n' Wild, CoverGirl, or some brand that looks like you will die if you use it.

I recently "PERMANENTLY BORROWED" (YES, I STOLE THEM) these amazing beauties from the theater where we did our last play. They had some AH-MAZ-ING lipsticks that were unopened and some vintage ones just sitting in a random shoe box together, so me and my friend went on a LIPSTICK RAMPAGE and took all DA BEST shades. Expect to see all these SMOOCHIN' UP YO SCREEN in the future!

Here's the first one in the line above, which is Maybelline's True Pink. It tastes like watermelons and is kind of bright but light pink-y makes me feel like I'm in a girl gang <3 

The second is another Wet 'n' Wild one (WHEN WILL I EVER LEARN?) in 903C. It's peachy pink and AMAZING and I think this lipstick was WAITING for me. #WEWEREMEANTTOBE

FOR THE FINALE, this is Maybelline's Moisture Whip lipstick in Cool Watermelon. (but it doesn't taste like watermelons like the other one?? DO I TASTE A MISNOMER?)
This is kind of a orangey-redish-pinky color, and IT.IS.ADORBS.

When I (rarely) use blush, I use Hard Candy's Fox-in-a-Box, which is pretty much because my sister gave it to me like, a year ago.

I don't get a lot of acne, and when I do, I just let it pass naturally. I like to have my skin be all ~free~ and ~breathy~, so I don't use cover-up or foundation. My main problem is probably dry skin, so I use this St. Ives apricot scrub on weekends, and this natural coal facial bar from BL Soaps on Etsy every week day.

I have WAY more eye shadow then this, but I pretty much exclusively use Hard Candy (I'M A FAN, OKAY) or some really shitty $1 kind of stuff I've had since I was 10.

I also use this totally rad Manic Panic palette called Totally '80s for eye shadow/lipstick. It comes with brushes/fake lashes/6 kinds of eye shadow and 2 kinds of lipstick. 

NOW, when we're talkin' hairspray for my big hair days (ERRYDAY), I use two different kinds: Herbal Essences' Hairspray Fixatif (for the little stuff) and Suave Max Hold hairspray for the BIG STUFF (it's an aerosol can and it makes me feel POWERFUL). 


I'm ALL BEAUTIED OUT NOW, and I'm ready to fall asleep with some cookies and some Murder, She Wrote on repeat.
Let me leave you with one of my ~favorite~ Blondie songs that kind of revolves around our theme!

(not even going to talk about Blondie AS THE MOST PERFECT BAND EVER OH MY GOD).


Psychedelic Daisy

P.S. What do you guys think of the new BLORG STUFF I've done to Psychedelic Daisy??? <3 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Personal Style Icon: Lankas and Witch Babies


According to one of the best books ever, Weetzie Bat, a Lanka is a "beautiful woman with long black hair, purple, tilty eyes, and a long body." (MILD SPOILER IF YOU'RE READING WEETZIE: The Lanka eventually has a baby, which is known as Witch Baby, and looks just like her. ISN'T THAT THE GREATEST NAME EVER?)

When I read that, I was like "YES, THIS IS RAD, THANK U 5EVER WEETZIE!!", because I've always wondered what to call the ~magical~ Lanka look, which is basically witchiness and lots of black and red and lipstick and eyeliner and babeliness.
Lankas (in my mind) are pretty much real badass babes who wear shredded, hanging sleeves, and look spooky and so, so, so rad, while also being * GLAMOROUS* and GAWGOUS.
Here are a few of my most favoritest Lanka/Witch Baby gals HERE TO INSPIRE YOU TO WEAR BLACK EVERY DAY, EVER:

Vampira in Plan 9 From Outerspace 

Anjelica Huston as Morticia Addams

A '60s babe working the Lanka look. THOSE EYEBROWS, GUYS.

Tura Satana 


Eternal ~BABE~ Lily Munster

My idol, Morticia Addams (she has the most perfect hair of anyone, ever)



Morticia Addams

Lily Munster

 Both of these are my interpretation of ~Lankas and Witch Babies~
I basically just thought of Vampira and Morticia and cried to my pen DRAW SOMETHING AS BEAUTIFUL AS THESE PEOPLE, PLEEEEASE

HERE'S A GIF to remind you the Addams family is way kewter than you. PLUS MORTICIA'S SLEEVES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL

DON'T YOU WANT TO START A LANKA FAN CLUB/ALTERNATIVE FASHION SCENE, NOW?! Go forth, young ones! Cast a spell, fall in love, and wear lots of black forever and ever and ever... 🌙🌙🌙

Psychedelic Daisy

Friday, February 15, 2013

♡ Love is All Around Us♡

Valentine's Day was actually really RAD, and was basically filled with chocolate and candy hearts and great food.
I was still feeling all these ~SOFT PASTEL CANDY HEART~ colorz, so I took some pictures based on love and hearts and pink and anything else that I felt was LOVEY-DOVEY.

My shrine

My adorable brother 

Psychedelic Daisy

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Valentine's Day is COMING!

Okay, so you may have noticed I've been pretty blog LAZY. My resolution is always to post a whole bunch, but lately I've just been like I DUNNO EVERYTHING TAKES TOO MUCH EFFORT. I'm also trying to cut the internet out of my life a bit more, and I've been making art and working on zines and stuff and trying to keep myself ~less in the cyber world~ for a while. Even though blogging is supposed to be all ~freeee~, you still feel this connection and nagging that YOU NEED TO POST MORE! DO MORE! DO MORE! So, MY FINAL RESOLUTION is to post more and not procrastinate and it's FEBRUARY BUT I'M STILL MAKING RESOLUTIONS. Okay? Okay. <3

As the incredible Dayzee said, lately I've been CHILLIN' online with the wonderful Wandering Collective babes, and it's been SO RAD. Ugh, internet friends rule. It's amazing to meet people who share your same interests and passions and who are willing to talk and who actually understand you. SO, THIS GOES OUT TO MY WANDERING BABES-- and this post is dedicated to ALL OF YOU, because I LOVE YOU AND YOU MAKE MY HEART GO BOOM BOOM. End of emotional shout-out.

BACK TO THE SUBJECT-- Valentine's Day is ALMOST HERE! I'm feeling all these pastel and baby pink and blue ~vibez~. Plus LOVE and prom and fluffy dresses rule my heart right now and are kind of like Valentine's day heroes.

Shannon and The Clams
"I Wanna Go Home"

Jayne Mansfield's dreamy bathroom

From MAH GURL Sasssquatch (aka cutest babe on the internet)

More of Jayne Mansfield and my ~DREAM HOUSE~


And a final message for my baby boos (followers and friends and everrybody)-- I LOVE ALL OF YOU, and have a WAY RAD VALENTINE'S DAY <3 <3

Psychedelic Daisy