Wednesday, July 10, 2013

♡Spacey Babe ♡

HELLLOOO babies!

Dress: thrifted
Buttons: Shelly pin from The Pulp Girls, Hairspray pin from Hayley, and sweethearts pin from Boo Radley's
Earrings: GirlProps

 Lately I've been experimenting with my style more, hence the space-y, purple lipstick vibes! I've been inspired by the ultra babe Luna, and I've been trying out different cute style things-- more modern-y fashion, etc. This outfit has been my clothing staple, since I only where this black velvet dress now.

 I am totally obsessed with these buttons! The cutest babe ever, Hayley, gave me the Hairspray one (SWOON) and the Shelly one (this pin is literally my new obsession) is from my queens (and bosses), The Pulp Girls

I tried out this lipstick I got a long time ago from Manic Panic. It looks pink in the picture, but it's actually a totally SWOON worthy lilac. The one problem is that it stains your lips fuchsia (which is kind of cool but also not cool because once it's on your lips IT IS ON). It looks so cute that I might look that over though!

I'm finally taking pictures of my outfits again (WHAT), so look out for more of these in the next few days!  ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Psychedelic Daisy

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Life, Lately

It's been a while!
I'd say I took a pretty minor blogging hiatus for June, mostly because 1. I'm still exhausted from the school year and 2. I haven't been doing much BLAWG WORTHY stuff lately! My life this so far this summer (is it even really summer?) has been sleeeeeep, internet, not doing anything, procrastinating and SLEEEEEEP. If I haven't written back to a message, e-mail, idea, etc. I am super trying to get on it! Hopefully it being the first week of July (WHAT) marks a new beginning for me (other than Tumblr-ing my selfies and staying up till 4:00 AM). Last summer was so good and I was so happy and got so much done that I feel this summer is kind of ~PRESSURE~ to have the same or better time than I did last year, if that makes sense. I'm thinking that June was my "Sit around! Do nothing!" month, and July will be my GO! GO! DO STUFF! month, so I'm trying to go do as much stuff as I can!
Anyways, since it's been SOOOOO long, I thought I'd just tell you babes what's been going on lately!

Mirren (AKA the best bby brother of all time) had his 13th birthday and it was soooo pretty. I bought him a wallet thing that looked like pizza and cat-eye glasses that had cat's eyes printed on them (HAHA) and made him a SUPER COOL "Happy Birthday" banner with Rocky Horror and glitter everywhere. It was a way aesthetically pleasing vintage soft grunge space galaxy fantasy. You know, the usual.

Sherry Vine bein' a babe

We also went to PrideFest and it was SO AMAZING AND GREAT AND PERFECT. We saw Sherry Vine perform and my uncle did flags for someone who performed and we met ALEKSA MANILA and it was THE BEST. Obviously PrideFest has problematic sides (see here), but it was so super rad! Mirren wore sparkly pants and we glittered the ground and it will definitely go down as one of THE BEST times ever!

We made a pile of grass for no reason. Don't ask.
We met a fellow Pulp Babe and rad human, Audrey (otherwise known as the kewlest xFoxyBabyx from Tumblr!!). We found out that she visits the town I live in EVERY SUMMER and we live RIGHT DOWN THE ROAD FROM EACH OTHER. We were obviously cosmically destined to be BFFs. We're gonna be hanging out like EVERYDAY till she leaves, so expect some Pulp Babe REALNESS coming up!

THEN I had a way way way rad 4th of July (which is a dumb holiday but it was awesome) and me and Mirren and Audrey and my other friends all went to the beach and did fun stuff! In case you've ever wondered what weirdos I hang-out with, there we (almost all) are!

So, babes, I'm super pleased to announce that I am now officially BACK to regular blogging and super excited for all the new stuff I've got coming up, so keep your eyes peeled! <3

Psychedelic Daisy