Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cotton Candy Skies

So, it's been a while! I just got off of school LAST WEEK (EEE) so I now have time (YES, ACTUAL REAL DOWNTIME!) to do stuff like blog! Right now I'm still in ~chill~ mode, but here's some inspo I've been feeling for a while:


Edward Scissorhands, Fashion and Film

Probably my favoritest thing I've ever made from my art blog

Daisy Chain Zines from Olivia

My Tumblr a while back

I'm still in a #PASTELLYFE phase! Edward Scissorhands is my dream world and light pinks are my FAVORITES. What's your summer style right now, queens?

Psychedelic Daisy

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Queen Of The Hop

Hey babies!
Here's something I wore yesterday and looked super cute in (as usual).

Dress: vintage from Etsy
Sweater: thrifted
Tights: Wal-Mart
Pins: Twin Peaks one is handmade, Ginny Club was my Nana's and the fancy smancy brooch is from an old dance costume
Boots: thrifted
Attitude: priceless (okay I'm stopping there)


Lately I've been feeling channeling some '40s movie star/'50s vibes-- curled bangs, red lips (well, I'm a red lipstick BABY but right now I'm so in love it), and PASTELS 4EVER. I've also been wearing this outfit since some time in April, but I just now got pictures of it!

My button game was ON POINT. I was kind of going for the overall Laura Palmer feeling-- "good girls" (I say "good girls" because I hate the whore or Madonna stereotype) who are secretly badasses at heart! I also found this SUPER RAD Ginny Club pin that was in my Nana's stuff and is probably from the '50s. What's a Ginny Club? I DON'T KNOW?? If you can enlighten me to the Ginny Club ways, I will shower you with virtual candy and internet thanks!

This is also my go-to look right now: curled bangs (I'm getting better at them!), red lipstick, cat-eyes (HASN'T THIS BEEN MY LOOK FOR FOREVER??) and something cute and pastel to match!

Here are some cute doodles from my art blog that I did that kind of sum up my inspo right now: pink and cutesy and sweet! Plus lips and ice cream and stuff that's YUMMY.

So, dolls, if you haven't noticed, I also spruced up the blog a bit! I'm not totally done, but it's a SUPER CUTEEEE fix-up while I'm busy with end of school stuff! I've still got about a week of school left (ugh) plus finals (#PRAY4ESSINE) but I'll be back to actually DOING STUFF shortly!

AND, FINALLY, can you ACTUALLY believe it's JUNE?! When did it stop being January?? When did I start saying "OMG IT'S SUMMER" rather than wishing FOR SUMMER? When did SIX MONTHS go by?! I don't know, lovelies, but I hope you have a fun time basking in SUNSHINE and NEW FOUND FREEDOM! <3

Psychedelic Daisy