Thursday, June 6, 2013

Queen Of The Hop

Hey babies!
Here's something I wore yesterday and looked super cute in (as usual).

Dress: vintage from Etsy
Sweater: thrifted
Tights: Wal-Mart
Pins: Twin Peaks one is handmade, Ginny Club was my Nana's and the fancy smancy brooch is from an old dance costume
Boots: thrifted
Attitude: priceless (okay I'm stopping there)


Lately I've been feeling channeling some '40s movie star/'50s vibes-- curled bangs, red lips (well, I'm a red lipstick BABY but right now I'm so in love it), and PASTELS 4EVER. I've also been wearing this outfit since some time in April, but I just now got pictures of it!

My button game was ON POINT. I was kind of going for the overall Laura Palmer feeling-- "good girls" (I say "good girls" because I hate the whore or Madonna stereotype) who are secretly badasses at heart! I also found this SUPER RAD Ginny Club pin that was in my Nana's stuff and is probably from the '50s. What's a Ginny Club? I DON'T KNOW?? If you can enlighten me to the Ginny Club ways, I will shower you with virtual candy and internet thanks!

This is also my go-to look right now: curled bangs (I'm getting better at them!), red lipstick, cat-eyes (HASN'T THIS BEEN MY LOOK FOR FOREVER??) and something cute and pastel to match!

Here are some cute doodles from my art blog that I did that kind of sum up my inspo right now: pink and cutesy and sweet! Plus lips and ice cream and stuff that's YUMMY.

So, dolls, if you haven't noticed, I also spruced up the blog a bit! I'm not totally done, but it's a SUPER CUTEEEE fix-up while I'm busy with end of school stuff! I've still got about a week of school left (ugh) plus finals (#PRAY4ESSINE) but I'll be back to actually DOING STUFF shortly!

AND, FINALLY, can you ACTUALLY believe it's JUNE?! When did it stop being January?? When did I start saying "OMG IT'S SUMMER" rather than wishing FOR SUMMER? When did SIX MONTHS go by?! I don't know, lovelies, but I hope you have a fun time basking in SUNSHINE and NEW FOUND FREEDOM! <3

Psychedelic Daisy


  1. You're the cutest! I wish I had your eyeliner skills, it looks fabulous on you! and that dress is simply lovely :) good luck with finals! mine are in 2 weeks :P
    -charlotte <3

  2. oh my glob the outfit and drawing is PERFECTTTT (as usual) <3

  3. ahh i love that jumper and the Twin Peaks badge is amazing


  4. You are just the queen of rad like everything you do is so cute and super cool and omg <3

  5. I love your Laura Palmer pin, omg! and curled bangs look amazing, I used to curl mine before I let them grow out x

  6. Ah,your outfit is supa cute

  7. You are the Queen of everything and this outfit is amazing! The pins are to die for :) <3333333

  8. Your dress is so cute! And it looks great with your jumper! xx

  9. What a gorgeous 'sweater'! I'm really not used to saying that, I'm English-haha! I've just stumbled across your blog and I think it's lovely! xx

  10. The dress is so cute, and I really love the pins! Also you are the queen of perfect make up and p much everything ok <33
    Paulina x

  11. Love the color of your eyes! I just found your blog and love it!

  12. ahh I love your doodles!

  13. That sweater, oh my, it's so cute!


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