Friday, May 9, 2014

Crystally and Glittery

Hi cutie pies!
Here's some inspo I've been feelin' lately!! It's generally the same vibe I've been feeling regularly-- holographic things/magicalness/crystals/pinks/vibrant colors/generally sweet glittery stuff. I'm also RLLY in luv with crystals and glitter and purply pinks right now, as well as a lot of prettily lit pics that are shaded in nice colors!!
All the sources of the stuff in the screenshots of my blog can be found in my archive or on my blog! Hope you sweeties enjoy!

But I'm a Cheerleader/Angel Aura Quartz

 Two pieces from my art blog (I drew the one of the right first, then slightly tweaked it and re-drew it in pen for the one of the left!)

I actually took this one in August (when my blog was way different!) and I wrote "For the pinks and the barfing pastel feel, and all the yummy frosting." The same applies now, duh.

All by me (Clockwise from top left-- Aud's hair, Mirren's Room, pink paint for my room, Hunx show)

 Shark Bait Glitter by Impulse Co.

What inspo/vibes are you cuties feelin' right now?? Let me know, and have a super fab weekend!!


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Welcome to Dreemland (Again!)

Hi cutie pies!!
I wanted to show you angels a 'lil bit more of my Etsy shop, Dreemland! I posted about it on here right after I started it in August, and I've made so much more stuff and had so much fun with it since then! Craftin' has become one of my biggest passions, and I hope you LUV all the cute stuff I've made below!!

I got stickers for the shop! Both of these are pretty cheap and super cute, and these ones  are equally adorable and POSSIBLY my fave.

I also started making painted wooden heart brooches! Most of them have been snapped up except this one and two others, and they are so frickin' fun to make! This little baby is one of my faves, and I almost kept her because of how cute she is!

 I make shrink plastic brooches, too, which are THE BEST THING EVER. They're so cute and great to make and I've actually made a bunch for myself! A lot of these sweeties have been snapped up as well, so I'm hopin' to make a bunch more soon!

I added 3 different pairs of these REST IN CUTE post earrings last week, and hopefully I'll bring in a bunch more ear thangs (including dangly earrings!!) soon!

Of course, I've still got a cutie patootie button selection!

One of the newest things I've done is made a store section called 'Lil Mistakes-- they're basically adorable discounted pieces that have flaws, but are still cute as heck and a lot cheaper!

I'm still working on getting prints (I haven't found the right medium for them yet!) and some other doodads in, so let me know if there's anything you wanna see! ALSO-- do you have an Etsy shop, a fave Etsy shop, a fave shop in general, etc.? I'm always looking for crafty cuties to get inspired by! AND, to fellow crafty/Etsy babes, I am up for trades! Unforch, I've never actually done one (I AM NEGLIGENT AND LAZY I'M SRRY) but I'm totally into finally getting one started!!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cemetery Princess

Hey cutie pies!
Here's a sweet 'lil outfit I wore over spring break when we haunted the local cemetery! I looked supremely adorable, complete with my queen Divine's face adorning me and my leopard print creepers.

WEIRD BUT CUTE pic Mirren took of me (mostly to show ya my perfect Divine shirt)!!

Shirt // SleazySeagull
Pants // Gloria Vanderbilt 
Shoes // T.U.K.

The cemetery here it super pretty, and ESP. COOL because my great-great-great grandpa and a bunch of my other old relatives are buried there!
ANYWAYS, I hope you cuties are having a stellar Wednesday! Luv ya!


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Outfits, Outfits, OUTFITS

I've been looking through my pics that I just got off my camera (I haven't uploaded them since OCTOBER??) and I saw a bunch of cute outfits I wore, so I decided to show you cutie pies some outfit pics I've taken from January to now!!

Sweater // headhunterapparel 
Here's a 'lil picture I took of me in my room for fun/artsy purposes. I might turn this into a series since this is probs one of my fave pics I've ever taken!!

Sunglasses // A.J. Morgan
Shirt // Get a Life
Cardigan // Thrifted 
Skirt // ASOS
Shoes // Bass
My Easter outfit, aka burger PRINCESS. I've had that cardigan for 5EVER but I just realized it is SO CUDDLY and is the cutest pastel yellow!!

Sunglasses // A.J. Morgan
Shirt // Burger Records (DUH)
These are from spring break!!! Pigtails are my fave new 'do to do, and I look like an angel with them. 

Necklace // My nana's
Shirt // King Tuff (I got it at the a KT show, but it's on his site too!)

Crown // The Pulp Girls
Shirt // Wacky Wacko
Pants // Gloria Vanderbilt
Amount of Fabulous Sass and Perfection in this pic // ME
This outfit was GOLDEN. I wore this when Auds came up in February, and me, her, and Mirren had a mini-photo shoot filled with adorable props and FRIENDSHIP.

Coat // Thrifted
Shirt // Burger Records
Skirt // ASOS
Socks // Blue Q
Shoes // T.U.K.

These are basically a tiny sliver of outfits I've ACTUALLY had the energy to photograph, but they're all so cute!! I hope you luved them, and I'll see you lil' angels soon!


Monday, May 5, 2014

Outfit Deets Queen

Hi super cute blog readin' angels!
So, as you probs remember, I posted like, 3 times in January and I made a resolution to start bloggin' here again ALL THE TIME. But, once again, I became entrenched in doing other stuff, so I ONCE AGAIN did not fulfill my bloggin' promise. BUT, today I was looking through the older posts on here just for fun, and I realized that 1. I REALLY DO MISS DOING THIS A LOT, SERIOUSLY. and 2. I made this blog a little over 2 YEARS AGO. AMAZING? Uh-huh.
So, since I realized I miss putting up outfits and talking about whatever and telling everyone all about my inspo at the moment, I think I'll try to post here way more often, and but probably whenever the mood strikes me! This may sound like normal-person rational ideas, but it just feels good to figure out for myself  and I should just write/post whenever I want without being on some rigid blog schedule.
SO, I'm super freakin' excited to get back into this sweet blog of mine, and I can't wait to share my fave things with you cuties ONCE AGAIN! I'll also probably change my blog around to fit my current ~aesthetic~, so keep yr eyes peeled!
Anyways, here are a bunch of outfit deets from a bunch of different rehearsals/show I had for a short play I was doing!!

Jacket // Etsy
Necklace // CBTsCloset
Pins // Burger Records, Hunx, Handmade
Pants //
Shoes // Glitter creepers by T.U.K.

Hairy legs and glitter creepers are THE ULTIMATE ACCESSORIES. Trust me, cuties.

Jacket // Etsy
Shirt // Wacky Wacko
Pins // Burger Records, Handmade, Wishcandy
Shoes // Creepers by T.U.K.

 Sweater // Wal-Mart
Pin // Made by me
Earrings // DIY'd

This was for our opening night, so I tried to look slightly formal (per my director's suggestion) but added my baby earrings because they are my life. Plus that Wal-Mart sweater has never failed me. 

SO, I now have a bunch of cute posts lined up for the next few days, and I'm so excited to dig back into the world of THIS BLOG. Luv you sweetie angels!