Friday, May 9, 2014

Crystally and Glittery

Hi cutie pies!
Here's some inspo I've been feelin' lately!! It's generally the same vibe I've been feeling regularly-- holographic things/magicalness/crystals/pinks/vibrant colors/generally sweet glittery stuff. I'm also RLLY in luv with crystals and glitter and purply pinks right now, as well as a lot of prettily lit pics that are shaded in nice colors!!
All the sources of the stuff in the screenshots of my blog can be found in my archive or on my blog! Hope you sweeties enjoy!

But I'm a Cheerleader/Angel Aura Quartz

 Two pieces from my art blog (I drew the one of the right first, then slightly tweaked it and re-drew it in pen for the one of the left!)

I actually took this one in August (when my blog was way different!) and I wrote "For the pinks and the barfing pastel feel, and all the yummy frosting." The same applies now, duh.

All by me (Clockwise from top left-- Aud's hair, Mirren's Room, pink paint for my room, Hunx show)

 Shark Bait Glitter by Impulse Co.

What inspo/vibes are you cuties feelin' right now?? Let me know, and have a super fab weekend!!



  1. Loving this super pastel glittery vibe, like you said! I've been feeling a lot of this too. Most of my moodboards have some more darker colours, blacks and blues, so I've been feeling that as well.

    Love all the photos!

  2. such cute photos <3

  3. i am getting VERY STRONG, WONDERFUL vibes from these photos. inspiration to the maximum.
    bella x

  4. these moodboards are perfect- they have just the right amount of glitter


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