Thursday, May 8, 2014

Welcome to Dreemland (Again!)

Hi cutie pies!!
I wanted to show you angels a 'lil bit more of my Etsy shop, Dreemland! I posted about it on here right after I started it in August, and I've made so much more stuff and had so much fun with it since then! Craftin' has become one of my biggest passions, and I hope you LUV all the cute stuff I've made below!!

I got stickers for the shop! Both of these are pretty cheap and super cute, and these ones  are equally adorable and POSSIBLY my fave.

I also started making painted wooden heart brooches! Most of them have been snapped up except this one and two others, and they are so frickin' fun to make! This little baby is one of my faves, and I almost kept her because of how cute she is!

 I make shrink plastic brooches, too, which are THE BEST THING EVER. They're so cute and great to make and I've actually made a bunch for myself! A lot of these sweeties have been snapped up as well, so I'm hopin' to make a bunch more soon!

I added 3 different pairs of these REST IN CUTE post earrings last week, and hopefully I'll bring in a bunch more ear thangs (including dangly earrings!!) soon!

Of course, I've still got a cutie patootie button selection!

One of the newest things I've done is made a store section called 'Lil Mistakes-- they're basically adorable discounted pieces that have flaws, but are still cute as heck and a lot cheaper!

I'm still working on getting prints (I haven't found the right medium for them yet!) and some other doodads in, so let me know if there's anything you wanna see! ALSO-- do you have an Etsy shop, a fave Etsy shop, a fave shop in general, etc.? I'm always looking for crafty cuties to get inspired by! AND, to fellow crafty/Etsy babes, I am up for trades! Unforch, I've never actually done one (I AM NEGLIGENT AND LAZY I'M SRRY) but I'm totally into finally getting one started!!


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  1. Hey Essine, I emailed you earlier about doing a pen pal package but never replied to you because I got swamped with uni stuff >_<
    I have an etsy store too:

    And I have some plus size vintage clothes and stuff and I was wondering if I could swamp something for one of your hecka cute babe badges? Let me know what you think!


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