Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Welcome to Dreemland!

Hey, hey babes! I just wanted to let you QTs know I recently opened an Etsy shop called Dreemland!!! At the moment I'm sellin' buttons, original art, and kitschy cute gifties, but I'll be adding more stuff to the shop this week and there's soon to be T-shirts, art prints, and other cute stuff, so keep your eyes peeled! Here's some of my favorites cutesy stuff from the shop below!


This is one of a bunch of different art pins I have in the shop! They've got original, one of a kind art on the inside with cute and sassy lil messages!

Glittered Elvis Art in Vintage Gold Frame (I had a John Waters one that I gave to Mirren as a room warming gift, but I'm thinking of taking requests for these!)

The Party Queen Original Collage Art (I'll be adding more original art and hopefully art prints soon!)

John Waters Glitter Pinback Button (Mirren made some SUPER perfect ones of these with plain colored backgrounds that'll be coming soon!)

So bbies, stop on by and let's be Etsy buds! Let me know if you have an Etsy shop, because I'd definitely love to favorite you or even collab on a collection of cute stuff made by us-- I'm super excited that I finally opened the shop and would love some Etsy buddies to chill with!


Friday, August 9, 2013

Loser's Wall

I'M DOING IT! I'm blogging again! YAY!
I wore this outfit to look at new furniture for my brother's room (which is below and is my new favorite spot in the UNIVERSE). This dress looks so cute turned around with a bit of a turtleneck and no zipper! It has a definite '50s kewl girl kind of feel, but I gave it my glitter queen vibe with my cutesy buttons and tiara! Again, excuse me for posing in the most UN-DIVA-LIKE pose ever and looking like a dumb baby.

 Dress // Etsy
Belt // Ross
Tights // Wal-Mart
Shoes // Pleaser
Bag // from a toy store
Earrings// Girl Props

 I got this Hello Kitty bag from a local toy store when I was about 9. I bejeweled it myself and I'm FINALLY bringing it back. HELLO, IT'S ADORABLE.

I just made this SUPER PERFECT King Tuff pin with my Badge-A-Minit!! The candy hearts one is from Boo Radley's looks so sweet with my King Tuffy one <3

Now please enjoy one of my fave summer tunes (KING TUFF IS SO CUTE HE'S MY BIGGEST CRUSH OMG) and I'll cya soon!!


(and EEE!!! How do you babes like the new signature I made??!)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


So, if you haven't noticed, I didn't keep my promise! Once again I've fallen to laziness and wanting to SLEEEEP instead of doing anything else, but I've TOTALLY started to miss writing here all the time, and I miss the great community of cuties on here! I've been more in a Tumblr mood as of late, and I think it's because it's easier to change and explore all different kinds of style when you're looking at lots of images. With this summer I've definitely gone out of my box with style, and began liking a ton of new stuff-- I've also been working on my soon-to-be-opened Etsy shop, and I've been working on making new music for me and my brother's band!
This outfit was SUPER CUTE. I wore it to the last day of my acting class where we were supposed to be fairies reciting a Shakespearean sonnet, so it was a mixture of fairy vibes/BEIN' DAMN ADORABLE.

Dress // Etsy
Super cool ripped tights I forgot to get a picture of // Wal-Mart
Tiara // Ebay
Ring // JustBeDesigns on Etsy

I'm totally obsessed with being a realized version of my glitter dreams. Glitter is THE PERFECT accessory and I wear it all over myself all the time!

 This Glinda ring is SOOOO perfect. It has tiny sparkles in it and looks amazing with my bright red nailz!

Another way to become THE FILTHY GLITTER QUEEN is to wear this totally fab tiara all the time! It's so sparkly and pretty and I get 5895987 compliments on it every time I wear it. Yes, I am the princess of GlitterLand.

I'll be spending the rest of the summer glittering stuff, chillin', AND (ACTUALLY KEEPING MY PROMISE THIS TIME) blogging, so I'll see you babies soon!