Friday, August 9, 2013

Loser's Wall

I'M DOING IT! I'm blogging again! YAY!
I wore this outfit to look at new furniture for my brother's room (which is below and is my new favorite spot in the UNIVERSE). This dress looks so cute turned around with a bit of a turtleneck and no zipper! It has a definite '50s kewl girl kind of feel, but I gave it my glitter queen vibe with my cutesy buttons and tiara! Again, excuse me for posing in the most UN-DIVA-LIKE pose ever and looking like a dumb baby.

 Dress // Etsy
Belt // Ross
Tights // Wal-Mart
Shoes // Pleaser
Bag // from a toy store
Earrings// Girl Props

 I got this Hello Kitty bag from a local toy store when I was about 9. I bejeweled it myself and I'm FINALLY bringing it back. HELLO, IT'S ADORABLE.

I just made this SUPER PERFECT King Tuff pin with my Badge-A-Minit!! The candy hearts one is from Boo Radley's looks so sweet with my King Tuffy one <3

Now please enjoy one of my fave summer tunes (KING TUFF IS SO CUTE HE'S MY BIGGEST CRUSH OMG) and I'll cya soon!!


(and EEE!!! How do you babes like the new signature I made??!)


  1. Oh my god I love King Tuff so much! I have one of those badge makers too, my cousin gave it to me for Christmas last year! I am absolutely in love with your dress and your purse is super cute too! :)

  2. I love your King Tuff button! I don't have a button maker, so I make mine by hand using resin, which means I don't get around to making them very often.

  3. your little badges are so cute! love love lovee! xx

  4. Love your dress! It's too amazing. I need to get round to making my badges!


  5. Everything about this post is amazing! Your dress is awesome and I LOVE your King Tuff pin!! <3

  6. You are super adorable. Thanks so much for dropping by at my blog and leaving a comment. It was such a sweet surprise.

  7. I really like your blog and all of your pins are so cute!
    Check out my blog I just posted a fashion video for my etsy shop :) let me know what you think.

  8. youre the queen of sass and the lost muse of john waters


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