Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"...And there's everyone at my funeral wearing halter tops and..."

This summer has been crazy amazing, and there is soooo much to write about, so I'll take it post by post, y'all.
First, though...
I SAW Reality Bites.
Yahhhh, it's kind of like one of the best movies ever. I love the feeling, the fashion, the '90s-ness, Lelaina, Troy, Sammy, VICIKIE!
Can we just ogle at the cast? Ethan Hawke, Winona Ryder, I ALMOST PEED MYSELF.
I want to be Vickie. SHE IS SO DANG COOL. Seriously, where did she learn to be that cool? (the script writers, I know).
She is influencing my style in EEVVVVEERRYY way, and so everything she wears is making my birthday list.
AND SHE LOVES "My Sharona".

I will be getting those tights. And those shoes. And those glasses. And those...

Now I love Squeeze.


Where do you find this poster?




AND THEY PLAY "My Sharona".
And dance to it in a convenience store.
And I want this to be my life.

Reason #42274 to love that song.
Reason #189283840 to love that movie.

Now I've posted so many pictures of Vickie that I'm going to overdose.

Psychedelic Daisy

P.S. While searching the WORLD WIDE WEB for Vickie-ness, I found a TON of pictures of one of those Real Housewives of Nowhereland people.

P.S.S.  I could write an entire book on Lelaina's clothes, as well, but that would take me another 7 hours, so...

P.S.S.S. Here is a picture to make your day life better.


All photos found on Google Images.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Places I've Been

Outfit #1:
Going to the beach to fly kites

           Sweater: thrifted
Coat: vintage from Ande Monster on Etsy
Jeans: Gloria Vanderbilt 
Shoes: red, hand-me-down Converse

Outfit #2:
20 minutes to get ready and wear something that you can also wear to pottery
Sunglasses: A.J. Morgan
Shirt: hand-dyed
Cardigan: Forever 21
Jeans: Gloria Vanderbilt (surprise, surprise!)
And the cute little daisy clip I'm wearing is handmade. ^.^

Outfit #3:
Lovely day
Flower crown: handmade
Blouse: Grandma's
Skirt: Grandma's
Shoes: Torrid

Psychedelic Daisy

Monday, July 23, 2012

Adventures in Eye Make-Up

HAI, blogosphere.
Today I'm going out (as in outside my home), so I decided to try YA KNOW a new eyeliner look.
I made the (dreadful) mistake of just trying to do an all around eyeliner thing. It sucked. I ended up scrubbing away at the bottom of my eye, trying to get it off. I realllly need to buy some of those fancy make-up scrubber pad things. My eyes will thank me.
Anyways, after I had fairly well removed said bottom eyeliner (which, by the way, had gotten ALL over my face), I tried just doing my normal cat-eye deal.
I threw the Rookie tutorial to the wind (which I really shouldn't have, because I tried it and it was AWESOME), and I achieved a fairly okay look. Heavier than I usually do, but still, fairly okay.
It sort of reminds me of Tavi's, which is what I was totes going for (because I aim to be like Tavi in every aspect of my life).

Image from The Style Rookie, taken by Petra Collins
Tavi's eyes are, like, 400x bigger than mine (which changes it UP), so...
Here's my result.

I took this one because I luhhhhh looking at people's eyeliner from this angle...

So, I'll probably throw some blue eyeshadow on that beezy, and hope for the best.

Psychedelic Daisy

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Outfit #1

My mom had to go run errands yesterday, so I got dressed up, knowing I'd be too lazy to do so otherwise.

I finally used some of this sample from BL Soaps that I got with my purchase back in November. It's a really lovely green, and I had never worn it out before. It made my eyes SUPER green (because when I wear different colors my eye colors change? I don't know), and it was awesome :)
I used some put cover up on my lips (using cover up as lipstick will rock your socks) and then took my pink stuff and put it on. It makes this really fantastic '60s-ish color.
And now my sister is back from camp so I can steal her awesome Hard Candy eyeliner again.
Eyeliner: Wet 'N' Wild Liquid Proof eyeliner
Mascara: Hard Candy
Eyeshadow: Maia sample from BL Soaps on Etsy
Lipstick: mixture of Covergirl lipstick and Covergirl cover up.
This shirt is DEFINITELY one of the best purchases I have ever made... I feel like I belong in Iona's apartment, because of the stunning '50s Chinese influence.
Necklace: thrifted
 Blouse: thrifted
 Bag: handmade
I wish I had more skirts/pants rather than just JEANS, but okay, whatevs. Jeans are still pretty cool (I got this lesson today while reading this article on Rookie... I think I'm maybe just a 'lil obsessed with how much I AM IN LOVE with that website. 4 realz).
Jeans: Gloria Vanderbilt
Shoes: thrifted

I'd say it was a real rad outfit for a real rad day.

Psychedelic Daisy

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Daisy Field

I went to a friend's house on Friday, where we had tons of fun and painted nails. Seeing as she has a rad nail polish collection, I found some of the things needed to make nails like these ones on Rookie.
My result was pretty freakin' awesome, especially considering the fact it was my first time trying it, and I didn't even use a toothpick!
I also really enjoy loose strokes of paint and that whole feeling, which I think I managed to capture purrrrty dang well. I tried to find an example of what I mean, but the world (or Google) decided to conspire against me.
Here are some pictorial testimonies of my nail art:
Left hand.

Right hand.

Since you couldn't really see the thumbs, I added these two in. And, this one that I painted is my favorite ^.^

Right thumb.

 I painted my toes Lively Lilac (can't remember what company makes it). Totally shamazing color, seeing as lilacs are my favorite flower and toes are pretty cool.
My friend also gave me some of those Sally Hansen Salon Effects nails, because I have totally wanted to try those forevaaa, and she is awesome.

I kind of hate this webcam I am using, because it makes my expressions look 10x worse. ANYWAYS, Sally Hansen Salon Effects nails in Bling It On! YAY!

The day after I got home from slumber partyin', I took the raddest cover ever from a heating pad my mom got at the second hand store and made it into a bag AND a pillow! (not at the same time, of course).
 The heating pad already had a button closure and all that, so I just sewed up the bottom and added a strap of DAISIES! (More on that in continuing photos).

 Totally majestic and perfect fabric.

I found this in some of my great-grandma's sewing supplies/fabrics and immediately wanted to be with it FOREVERRRRRRR, even though it is really flimsy and won't be able to hold up much (which is actually kind of cool, considering the fact it discourages me from bringing my whole room with me to go hang-out with someone).

 Here's the pillow! Supa easy to make. I only had to sew up one side and then stuff it.

  Here was its shape when it was a heating pad, give or take a few inches.

On Tuesday one of our local thrift stores had an AMAZING sale, where all clothing was only ONE DOLLAR. Yes, incredible! I whirled through  the store and found many LOVELY gems!
When I first found this, I thought it was a kind of '50s sweater thing. I am OVERJOYED that I actually found a Chinese style blouse! Apparently it was made by a company called Queen Caro, but I haven't done much research on it yet.

Disregard both face and t-shirt. This picture really doesn't capture the absolute wonder of this paisley-ish jacket-y-ish thing that I found! It's made by a company called Cote d'Amour, and I loveee it! I'm also wearing an awesome Dorthy pin from Boo Radley's.

Close up on the fantastic stuff used to make my jacket-y thing. The fabric for this is basically the most amazing stuff ever. I want to make a shrine and worship its superb-ness.

I have seen this every time I go to the thrift store and I always want it. The color is way better in person (really light pinky and pretty). I don't really know what I'll wear it with yet, but I am totally scoping ye olde wardrobe for stuff that will look awesome with it.

I. LOVE. THIS. NECKLACE. Daisies are my second favorite flower (next to lilacs), so when I saw this I had to have it (or else I might've had some teenage tantrum where I scream and almost die). When I found it was only one dollar, I was super thrilled! Listed on this little tag on the back it says SARAH COV., so I researched it and found out Sarah Cov is Sarah Coventry. She was a popular jewelry designer person in the '50s, '60s and '70s (if you already know all about her and you're like "Wow. I already know this stuff.", I sincerely apologize for my ignorance). I felt really dumb that I didn't already know about her, but I found out that this necklace was in a set. The necklace is apparently hard to find, so that made me EVEN HAPPIER (even if it is missing the yellow paint in the middle of the flowers)!
P.S. If anyone actually read all that, I luvvv you ^.^

Close up of the flowers on my necklace.

Moving on to decor...
A few months ago I looked at my walls and realized most of the stuff on them is stuff I was into when I was like, 11. I decided to redecorate and take down ALL the stuff I had stapled, tacked and stuck onto my walls (mostly just the stuff next to my dresser, though). My room is pretty much in post-apocalyptic state, and I'm in the process of putting stuff up and all that.

 I hammered a nail into my wall and put my flower crowns, some of my necklaces, and a few bracelets up (inspired by Tavi).

I made this sand art with glitter and...um... sand. I love it because it reminds me of deserts and awesome stuff.

I made this with an ink pen and put it up on my mirror next to my sunglasses.

This summer I've been feeling really crafty, so I've made a lot of rad stuff, like bracelets and bags and pillows and flower crowns...

Bracelets for Girls (as in one of the most rad bands evaa!) and Rookie (as in Tavi and/or Rookie Mag).

I made this daisy crown out of some flowers I found at the thrift shop (heaven for fake flower lovers). Basically, this summer, I realized a hot glue gun is my total best friend. :)

IN OTHER NEWS, I watched What's Eating Gilbert Grape last night and IT WAS AWESOME! It renewed my faith in Johnny Depp, and I totally think it was Leonardo DiCaprio's best role ever!

Click on photo for original link
The movie was so inspiring and sweet and AMAZING! Plus everyone has FABBBBULOUS style and great hair.

Thanks, Gilbert, for all the inspiration.

Psychedelic Daisy

Friday, July 13, 2012

not the artery, but the vein

Just because I thought it would be cool to post here, and because it was one of the most fantastic things ever, here is a picture of me and my sister at Rocky Horror in June:

I was really nervous at first, but this definitely ended up on my AMAZING THINGS I DID BEFORE I DIED list (even though it was really last minute and we had no rice/water/newspaper/toilet paper/noisemakers and all that fun stuff).
Here I'm wearing my Dum Dum Girls shirt from Sub Pop, and I was wearing this really cool thrifted silvery skirt that did not get into the picture :(
Anyways, I really love this photo because you can see all the CHAOS AND COMMOTION after it all ended, and it just screams "BEST TIME EVER!!!!!!!!!!".

Serious fun.

Psychedelic Daisy

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I Wanna Be a Witch

Seeing that I still had some of this (crappy) eyeliner on and I had the urge to try something new, I attempted something I have wanted to attempt for a while: the Endora look.
I love her SO SO SO SO SO SO much, and her look makes me want to go run off and become a really witty funny person with great style (who is old).
Endora embodies style. STYLE I WANT. Maybe only old people can work such magic as technicolor eyeshadow, cat eyeliner and orange/red lipstick.
My result:
Please, ignore my expression in this picture and just APPRECIATE the fact I tried.
Also, I was about to go outside and play badminton, so...
I'm wearing Hard Candy Powder Keg Loose Eyeshadow, Wet 'N' Wild Water-Proof Liquid Eyeliner, and a mixture of Covergirl Concealer and Revlon Lipstick in some red-ish, orange color. You can't really see the orange color I made (due to low lighting and a bad webcam).
And yes, that is my hand holding up my imaginary beehive.
Ignore the pixelation and just love her.

Well, all for now!
Have a wonderful weekend, filled with love and GLITTER!!!

P.S. I have gone through some ch-ch-ch-changes: Lilacs & Ivy has now become Psychedelic Daisy! I felt the name fit me more and decided to take a CHANCE!
Yea for daisies and stuff!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Only in Dreams

I'm baaaaack!
Since I've really been trying not to focus on the internet soooo much, I kind of gave up doing anything on the *magical* web other than time wasting and VINTAGE SHOPPING! But now I cannot get my mind off new blog ideas, and I decided to return after a few months of blog-breaks.

Anyways, recent inspiration: the fact my hair is under-going major changes (serrrriously, Angela Chase would be jealz), Rookie, this photo of my beloved S.E. Hinton, Auntie Mame, Maude, Jefferson Airplane, the word 'psychedelia', and random outrageous Hollywood-ish personalities (think Baby Jane and old movies and all that good stuff).

I will have photos to post of STUFF, seeing as it's summer and I can be all freeeee...

May the rest of your Wednesday be fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!

*By the way--- Thanks, Dum Dum Girls, for the title.