Monday, July 23, 2012

Adventures in Eye Make-Up

HAI, blogosphere.
Today I'm going out (as in outside my home), so I decided to try YA KNOW a new eyeliner look.
I made the (dreadful) mistake of just trying to do an all around eyeliner thing. It sucked. I ended up scrubbing away at the bottom of my eye, trying to get it off. I realllly need to buy some of those fancy make-up scrubber pad things. My eyes will thank me.
Anyways, after I had fairly well removed said bottom eyeliner (which, by the way, had gotten ALL over my face), I tried just doing my normal cat-eye deal.
I threw the Rookie tutorial to the wind (which I really shouldn't have, because I tried it and it was AWESOME), and I achieved a fairly okay look. Heavier than I usually do, but still, fairly okay.
It sort of reminds me of Tavi's, which is what I was totes going for (because I aim to be like Tavi in every aspect of my life).

Image from The Style Rookie, taken by Petra Collins
Tavi's eyes are, like, 400x bigger than mine (which changes it UP), so...
Here's my result.

I took this one because I luhhhhh looking at people's eyeliner from this angle...

So, I'll probably throw some blue eyeshadow on that beezy, and hope for the best.

Psychedelic Daisy

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