Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Only in Dreams

I'm baaaaack!
Since I've really been trying not to focus on the internet soooo much, I kind of gave up doing anything on the *magical* web other than time wasting and VINTAGE SHOPPING! But now I cannot get my mind off new blog ideas, and I decided to return after a few months of blog-breaks.

Anyways, recent inspiration: the fact my hair is under-going major changes (serrrriously, Angela Chase would be jealz), Rookie, this photo of my beloved S.E. Hinton, Auntie Mame, Maude, Jefferson Airplane, the word 'psychedelia', and random outrageous Hollywood-ish personalities (think Baby Jane and old movies and all that good stuff).

I will have photos to post of STUFF, seeing as it's summer and I can be all freeeee...

May the rest of your Wednesday be fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!

*By the way--- Thanks, Dum Dum Girls, for the title.

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