Tuesday, April 30, 2013

An Interview with Paula Harvey

Hey guys!
So, a while back (I'M SO BEHIND ON EVERYTHING, GEEZ!) young adult book writer and aspiring filmmaker Paula Harvey wrote to me about doing an interview with her, and I was totally psyched she asked! Paula is the writer of the new South Louisiana High School book series (which you can buy on Amazon), and also has a rad Twitter and a website. I got to interview her about some her inspirations, her book series, and some great advice for young writers! She put it all into the SUPER cute video below!
                                                    You can also watch the interview over at Paula's website

EEEEP, WASN'T THAT ADORBS? Thanks so much to Paula for answering the questions, and for the rad video! Be sure to check out the South Louisiana High School series, and I'll be back with more ~bloggin' babe~ interviews in the future!

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Daisy Baby

I wore this to go a-thrifting a while back. When I first got this skirt, it was down to my knees (I had seen a super similar one on Etsy looking super cute and I was like I NEED THIS) and it looked like a really bad denim skirt that came from your mom's old maternity clothes from the mid-'90s. I've had it for almost a year and never wore it, so I decided to hem it and sew on some vintage '60s daisy applique things! 

Flower crown: DIY'd
Shirt: Sub Pop
Skirt: thrifted, DIY'd
Tights: Wal-Mart

I tried to give the skirt some '70s denim vibes and I think I'll be wearing it all the time now! It's adorable and so summery. Daisies make everything better, duh.

My favorite thrift store that I went to was all jumbled and weird and they got rid of a lot of stuff (SO MANY TEARS :'((((), so I couldn't find any rad records/decorations, BUT, I did find two super cute sweaters!
They're really small on me so they have that perfect vintage fitted sweater look.


This one is red-ish orange and really late '60s/early '70s, and it totally reminds me of Velma! I love, love, love turtlenecks and I've wanted one since forever, so this one is kind of makin' my dreams come true.

This one is like AJSKSLKJS THE BEST THING EVER! It's light pink (it's pinker than in the picture) (PASTELS 4EVER) and totally makes me think of Audrey Horne's sweater in the pilot episode (there was actually some red shoes at the thrift store that were just like hers, and if there had been a plaid skirt, AUDREY WOULD HAVE LIKE, MATERIALIZED IN FRONT OF ME).

I also recently bought $5 worth of glitter/glitter glue and my life has drastically improved since I bought it. NOW I HAVE RED AND BLUE AND GREEN AND WHITE GLITTER AND GLITTER GLUE AND GLITTER IS MY FAVORITEST THING EVER SO CAPS ARE REQUIRED. <3

I also worked on this decorative shrine-y shelf! It was pretty much holding all the random things in my room that I didn't know what to do with, so I took everything off it and took ~cool tingz~ from around my room and made it look FAB. I was going for a Mermaids-y, early '60s kind of theme with pinks and reds and it worked out perfectly, although it needs some more stuff on it! I've been trying to get a Room Tour post in order for MONTHS, so this is a different taste of my living quarters before I post the whole thing!

 I got the absolute greatest letter EVER from Eryn! It was filled with glitter and hearts and A GLITTER STAR WITH MY NAME ON IT and she wrote the letter on a HEART DOILY! (Plus WEETZIE BAT MAGIC LEVELS, yes!) I pretty much was constantly SCREAMING when I pulled out all the PERFECT  goodies! (The way I capitalized screaming makes it kind of scary, but it was GOOD SCREAMING, I promise you.)

I also got the OTHER absolute greatest letter EVER from Bridget! She wrote in on WONDER WOMAN PAPER (omgomgomg) and put heart confetti and HEART TATTOOS in there! EEEK! Pen-pals are actually the cutest/most amazing/GREATEST things ever!  By the way, EEEP, I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH THANX 4EVER <3 <3

So, I recently got back from the BEST (but super exhausting) road trip! I'm still kind of getting everything in order, so I'm still working towards answering messages and e-mails and stuff, plus uploading pics and writing new posts. Keep lookin' out for some road trip pics soon, though! <3

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Why Must I Be a Teenager In Love?

I  wore this outfit to go to this fairly new antique-y shop in my town! It was super cool there, and of course I had to dress like I was from 1960.

Earrings: Girl Props
Dress: Etsy
Belt: Ross
Tights: Wal-Mart
Shoes: Pleaser

One of the sleeves of this dress started to get undone months ago, so it's been out of business for a while. My mom sewed it for me, and now I want to wear it FOREVER EVER EVER! This is probably my favorite dress ever, and it was one of the first vintage dresses I ever had. It's so cute and Tracy-ish and has always been the dress of my ~DREAMS~!

I did my classic cat-eye with some super cute bright red lipstick and my record earrings! My bangs also looked so '50s-ish and AMAZING, kind of like Rhoda's from The Bad Seed (*sigh* HER BANGS MAKE ME WANT TO CRY UGH I DON'T EVER KNOW).

I didn't get any pictures at the antique shop (ughhh), but I looked super ADORBS, and this outfit is definitely going down as one of my favorite things I've worn EVER! 

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Monday, April 15, 2013

I Want My Tumblr to Be My Real Life

I realized I haven't posted ANYTHING having to do with ~inspiration~ in a super long time, so I decided I'd make a post about some INSPO FEELS I've had going on.
Since collecting tons of pictures and saving them and arranging them takes a lot of work (and I pretty much spend my life on Tumblr), I thought some screenshots of my blorg is a perfect way to share all the vibes I've been feeling!
You can find all the sources for these in my archive, or at my blog.

 For the pink and pastel and general vintage vibes, offset by the ~darkness~ of Winona and her KILLER lipstick/my brother's Twin Peaks art (plus a nice anon message and great feminism post).

For the mystical stuff/stars/blues/crystals, with electric pink-y colors, and the feelings of nostalgia.

For the golds/yellows/pinks, hazy vibes, and summery nostalgic feelings (and some serious shoe goalz).

For the pastels, especially the pinks/greens.

For the pinks (especially the three pictures on the right), the bright yellows and more hazy feelings.

For EVEN MORE pastels, and the old photograph-y black and white feel.

For more dark vibes and deep reds (I love love LOVE deep reds), plus hair goals and more pastel puke (HAS ANYONE NOTICED WINONA IS IN ALMOST EVERY ONE OF THESE??)

These weren't right next to each other on my blog, but I totally thought they should be! Both of these are for the '70s feel, and the haziness and summer vibes (plus Dolly is my style icon of the century, duh).

I really love being able to have all this inspiration in one place, and it's super easy/cool to be able to take a screenshot of it and have it all be RIGHT THERE! I'm hoping to return to inspo posts, even though I've been feeling... less inspired? I feel like I have a lot of unrelated inspirations which every so often run through my head, yet aren't fully realized right now. A lot of the time I have one feeling or look or thing I am obsessed with, but right now inspiration kind of flits through my head randomly and only occasionally.

In other news, I'd like to thank everyone for all the congrats/comments on my last post! It was super nice to see all you LOVELIES giving me support and sweet words. I'd love to say UGH I LOVE U GUISE THANX to every wonderful comment I get! Sometimes I literally look through them and go OHMYGOD EVERYONE IS SO NICE I WANT TO DIEEEE!! So THANK YA DARLINGS, for being the most amazing people EVER <3

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's Been a Year.

One year ago yesterday, I wrote my first post on this here blorg. It was then called Lilacs & Ivy (I JUST WANTED TO START A BLOG AND I LOVE LILACS AND IVY BUT I DON'T REALLY GET IT?), and I was then a 13-year-old me with different tastes, opinions, blah, blah. I wrote five blog posts, got lazy, and didn't post until JULY. I got the internet bug again and started writing in early July up till right now. Over this period of time, I've met THE BEST, MOST AMAZING people on the ~interwebz~, gotten tons of love and support from The Most Amazing People, learned tons, and had an amazing time. I can't believe it's been a year; last year is almost more fresh in my mind than this year's events, and I'm so proud I've stuck with this blog through a WHOLE YEAR! Through clothing changes and emotional meltdowns and procrastination! A YEAR!
Obligatory terribly terrible picture of me BEING SO EXCITED 'CAUSE IT'S MY ONE YEAR BLOGIVERSARY, YEAH!
Blogging has been so incredibly life changing, and I really want to thank every amazing person who has followed me, talked to me, supported me, and helped me learn in grow in a super rad environment-- YOU ARE ALL BABES and I love you TONS! Since I don't really have any special ~blog activities~  planned (getting back from Spring Break is really exhausting and I'm exhausted and MY LIFE IS EXHAUSTED RIGHT NOW), I thought I'd share an outfit I wore a few weeks ago:

Sunglasses: Ross (?)
Ring: great-grandmother's
Dress: Etsy
Tights: Wal-Mart
Coat: Etsy

I wore this to the theater a few weeks ago. I wore my perfect yellow flower dress + RED LIPSTICK, duh. I'm trying to make red lipstick "my thing" (kind of like my cat-eye and wearing vintage clothes) so I'm wearing it WHENEVER I CAN (I'm also just trying to steal Vickie's identity. What else is new?)

I ratted my hair and, ONCE AGAIN, it looked like a fallen tower of sadness. BUT, my lipstick and sunglasses and general appearance was super cute!

So, dudes, I am totally looking forward to MANY, MANY more years of blogging/blogiversaries, meeting people, and hangin' out in the radical world we call The Blogosphere! You guys have all been amazing and I thank every reader, friend, or GENERAL HUMAN on here!

Psychedelic Daisy


P.S. Here is your virtual internet stock photo cupcake for all your love. Thanks, babes!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Did You Hear They Got Pinned?

Right after I had made my Easter beehive, I totally felt the need to make an impromptu photo shoot! It was just me in my room and I was trying to capture all these Bye Bye Birdie, '60s gossipy sleepover ~vibez~. (It's like the one year annsiversary of when I first saw it (IT'S LIKE THE BEST MOVIE EVER?? GRRR I LOVE IT SO MUCH) so I'm feeling all nostalgic). Imagine beehives and Elvis records in the background and pink rotary phones and swooning over hunks while talking about how Brad and Janet (Rocky Horror reference, duh) got pinned and are finally going steady! The Beatles shirt is from Hottopic a few years ago, the nightgown was my great-grandmas, and the Movie Teen magazine is from Etsy. OH, and listen to this, of course, to get in ultimate '60s sleepover mode!

Now ou guys all invited to a virtual slumber party where we dress up in old gowns and listen to Bobby Rydell, duh.

Psychedelic Daisy

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

eggs and pretty clothes and tears and stuff

Happy (late) Easter!
My family is pretty much the opposite of religious but we celebrate any holiday where one gets free chocolate.

Necklace: thrifted
Dress: Etsy
Belt: Ross
Tights: Wal-Mart
Shoes: thrifted

I did my customary Easter beehive (I did it two days before, so by now I looked like I had been in a bar fight) and wore cute, spring-y colors/clothes. I've been kind of wondering how to wear this dress ever since I got it for my birthday, and I realized it looks 100% perfect in spring, especially with other ~pretty flowery tingz~.

Eyeliner: Hard Candy
Lipstick: Wet 'n' Wild

I have absolutely no idea what my face is doing in these pictures, but I know I have pretty hair and lovely sunlight behind me, SO IT'S ALL OKAY. My goal for this outfit was to just become a huge, pink flower. Okay, not really, but I think I accomplished it anyways?

Last year had amazing eggs all dyed in the best colors/patterns/whatevers (including my rad James Dean egg, complete with sequins and all around radness), but this year we were all tired and the colors came out weird  and dark? My brother made a really awesome Divine/John Waters egg though, and I made my own drawn egg of my queen, Divine, so it makes up for everything.


Divine as Babs Johnson, duh. It was supposed to say "FILTH!" but my hair got in the way so it was actually a blog of nothing. 
A basket with some of the cuties we made <3

In other news, I started an art blog! My other Tumblr never showed any of my art in the "My Art" tag properly and it was totally sucky, so I started a new blorg called Dreemboat, where I'll post all my stuff. It looks cute and has all these nice ~pastel art vibez~, plus it's totally rad to have everything in one place. FOLLOW ME 4 CUTE SOFT GRUNGE PICS DOODZ. Totally kidding.

And, finally, Tavi has posted a new (and what I see as her last) post on The Style Rookie (serious tears warning, guys). This post has been totally ruining my life. I read it this morning and certain sentences and feelings have been running through my head all day, like a broken record or the time I had "Lust for Life" by Girls on repeat for the whole spring. It's been five years (FIVE YEARS? SERIOUSLY??) since The Style Rookie started, and Tavi basically talks about memories and feelings and basically puts all my thoughts I can never articulate in words. Me and my brother basically spent most the day in mourning/crying, thinking of all that Tavi has introduced us to, has taught me, blah blah blah. As the intersectional feminist I am, I've been trying to look at everything in a critical light (including Rookie and Tavi), but the truth is, I'm pretty much a hollow shell right now and Tavi is my heart. I cannot accurately express all the emotions I'm feeling about all her words and just her right now (my journal probably has the best articulated version of what I'm trying to say), but if you were to describe it, it'd be: sad, sad, ohmygod i love you a lot okay, sad, sad, REALLY SAD AND LOTS OF TEARS OKAY?

The comments are equally beautiful and emotional, and (ERYN PLEASE DON'T HATE ME FOR THIS BUT IT WAS BEAUTIFUL AND I'M CRYING) my buddy Eryn wrote all my feelings in one comment form:

"This kind of makes me want to weep and I probably will the second time I read it but just wow, Tavi. Everything you said is just, yes (sorry super inarticulate over here). I WANT to be entirely cohesive but instead I am too many people, I am nobody, and I definitely couldn't put that into words before.
About nostalgia, that night when I went to dinner to Dylan's mom's house with you guys on the Rookie Road Trip is unclear in my memory. I remember what happened, of course, and there are some snippets that come back vividly, but the whole evening more or less feels like a blur. I don't know if that's because it was entirely overwhelming and I didn't even feel like myself (wow I was so quiet and shy), or because I've tried to relive it so many times. I'll probably never forget what you were wearing but I think I've already forgotten what I was wearing (just kidding, I completely remember, but not as clearly and I might eventually forget).
I also feel like (this is sort of relevant I guess) I'm trying so hard to live, to live well, to have Teenage Experiences, that I'm not really living at all. It's like I'm stuck in my own little box of Wanting and Trying but I'm not Letting. I'm trying so hard to be cohesive, aesthetically pleasing, and to see beauty all around me, that I'm actually not. I don't know if that makes sense (WHAT IS LIFE -tiny stoner).
I've been feeling immeasurably muddled lately but this post has definitely left me with some sort of peace.
Thank you Tavi.


Julia Topaz did the same, and I hope no one hates me for putting all these amazing words on my blorg:

I'm 24 years old, and last month I went to visit my mom and I looked in my old closet in my old bedroom. And there used to be these giant plastic crates that had all my old toys in them, but it wasn't there this time, and instead there were extra sofa pillows. So I went frantically to the garage, but the toys weren't there either, and I realized they had been thrown out! I was consequently really really sad (especially about my pink skipit that had a monumentally high 13-year-old jump count on it), and I didn't really know what to do because it felt like even though I had had all those things and interacted with them and experienced them in my childhood, it felt like I never had because I didn't have physical access to them anymore. It's like, even though I never really pulled them out or looked at them or thought about them, just knowing that I could if I wanted to made it okay and real.

And then ALSO while I was visiting, I found a bunch of old journals (my favorite was this fluffy pink one with a little metal lock). They all have about first 5 pages written in them, but then rest of the pages are blank---I don't know, I guess I was really bad at keeping up with them. But I really enjoyed reading them recently because it gave me little snippets of insight into my childhood (which I no longer really remember the details of), which somehow validated/made real/legitimized my past. So now I've been thinking "well shit! I wish that while growing up I had written more about my childhood, so the rest of it could be real too!", which doesn't really make sense, but I felt it nonetheless. It's just strange because while you're experiencing something (or at least, when I do), you're so immersed in the full sensory moment that you can't imagine that you'll one day completely forget the experience, unless of course you document it, which I usually don't because of the whole assuming-you-won't-forget-it thing. Which is kind of the opposite problem of what you have, it seems, since you like to document everything. Though is it really a "problem"? I don't know, it's just a characteristic. 

Anyway, I'm just trying to say that I 100% connect with what you've written, and I'm glad you wrote it.

The comments section is, of course, long but so many comments tell these beautiful stories and share emotions in the most humane way, in a way we rarely get to experience and see and feel.

Now that I'm (still) in tears, I also wanted to say that Spring Break has been totally rad and I've been making art and chillin' and just having a great time (AND THERE ARE BLOG POSTS IN YOUR FUTURE, DUDES). I hope all you babes are doing the same!!

Psychedelic Daisy