Monday, April 15, 2013

I Want My Tumblr to Be My Real Life

I realized I haven't posted ANYTHING having to do with ~inspiration~ in a super long time, so I decided I'd make a post about some INSPO FEELS I've had going on.
Since collecting tons of pictures and saving them and arranging them takes a lot of work (and I pretty much spend my life on Tumblr), I thought some screenshots of my blorg is a perfect way to share all the vibes I've been feeling!
You can find all the sources for these in my archive, or at my blog.

 For the pink and pastel and general vintage vibes, offset by the ~darkness~ of Winona and her KILLER lipstick/my brother's Twin Peaks art (plus a nice anon message and great feminism post).

For the mystical stuff/stars/blues/crystals, with electric pink-y colors, and the feelings of nostalgia.

For the golds/yellows/pinks, hazy vibes, and summery nostalgic feelings (and some serious shoe goalz).

For the pastels, especially the pinks/greens.

For the pinks (especially the three pictures on the right), the bright yellows and more hazy feelings.

For EVEN MORE pastels, and the old photograph-y black and white feel.

For more dark vibes and deep reds (I love love LOVE deep reds), plus hair goals and more pastel puke (HAS ANYONE NOTICED WINONA IS IN ALMOST EVERY ONE OF THESE??)

These weren't right next to each other on my blog, but I totally thought they should be! Both of these are for the '70s feel, and the haziness and summer vibes (plus Dolly is my style icon of the century, duh).

I really love being able to have all this inspiration in one place, and it's super easy/cool to be able to take a screenshot of it and have it all be RIGHT THERE! I'm hoping to return to inspo posts, even though I've been feeling... less inspired? I feel like I have a lot of unrelated inspirations which every so often run through my head, yet aren't fully realized right now. A lot of the time I have one feeling or look or thing I am obsessed with, but right now inspiration kind of flits through my head randomly and only occasionally.

In other news, I'd like to thank everyone for all the congrats/comments on my last post! It was super nice to see all you LOVELIES giving me support and sweet words. I'd love to say UGH I LOVE U GUISE THANX to every wonderful comment I get! Sometimes I literally look through them and go OHMYGOD EVERYONE IS SO NICE I WANT TO DIEEEE!! So THANK YA DARLINGS, for being the most amazing people EVER <3

Psychedelic Daisy


  1. I want tumblr to be real life too! This was super inspiring, your tumblr is amazing!!
    Inspiration that isn't fully realized is a really articulate way to put how I've been feeling! Thank you!!!
    By the way, I mailed your letter yesterday. I've had it finished and sealed for like weeeeeks but never got to the post office, ugh. But now it's in the mail and I hope it arrives safe and sound! :)

  2. ugh your tumblr is so perfect just like you~
    I feel ya' with the whole "i want tumblr to be real life" because there's so many rad pictures and people on that site I can't even deal!


  3. I want your tumblr to be my life omg hahaha

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    these vibes make me wanna cryyyyyyy

  7. Ughhh girl I feel you wayyy too much, I just wanna hide under my comforter and live in tumblr dream world

  8. your posts always make me feel happy and proud to be a girl :) congrats on your blog's first birthday!


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