Monday, May 5, 2014

Outfit Deets Queen

Hi super cute blog readin' angels!
So, as you probs remember, I posted like, 3 times in January and I made a resolution to start bloggin' here again ALL THE TIME. But, once again, I became entrenched in doing other stuff, so I ONCE AGAIN did not fulfill my bloggin' promise. BUT, today I was looking through the older posts on here just for fun, and I realized that 1. I REALLY DO MISS DOING THIS A LOT, SERIOUSLY. and 2. I made this blog a little over 2 YEARS AGO. AMAZING? Uh-huh.
So, since I realized I miss putting up outfits and talking about whatever and telling everyone all about my inspo at the moment, I think I'll try to post here way more often, and but probably whenever the mood strikes me! This may sound like normal-person rational ideas, but it just feels good to figure out for myself  and I should just write/post whenever I want without being on some rigid blog schedule.
SO, I'm super freakin' excited to get back into this sweet blog of mine, and I can't wait to share my fave things with you cuties ONCE AGAIN! I'll also probably change my blog around to fit my current ~aesthetic~, so keep yr eyes peeled!
Anyways, here are a bunch of outfit deets from a bunch of different rehearsals/show I had for a short play I was doing!!

Jacket // Etsy
Necklace // CBTsCloset
Pins // Burger Records, Hunx, Handmade
Pants //
Shoes // Glitter creepers by T.U.K.

Hairy legs and glitter creepers are THE ULTIMATE ACCESSORIES. Trust me, cuties.

Jacket // Etsy
Shirt // Wacky Wacko
Pins // Burger Records, Handmade, Wishcandy
Shoes // Creepers by T.U.K.

 Sweater // Wal-Mart
Pin // Made by me
Earrings // DIY'd

This was for our opening night, so I tried to look slightly formal (per my director's suggestion) but added my baby earrings because they are my life. Plus that Wal-Mart sweater has never failed me. 

SO, I now have a bunch of cute posts lined up for the next few days, and I'm so excited to dig back into the world of THIS BLOG. Luv you sweetie angels!



  1. Omg your pins are perfection!

  2. omg essine you have the best pins <3 real life goddess



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