Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Outfits, Outfits, OUTFITS

I've been looking through my pics that I just got off my camera (I haven't uploaded them since OCTOBER??) and I saw a bunch of cute outfits I wore, so I decided to show you cutie pies some outfit pics I've taken from January to now!!

Sweater // headhunterapparel 
Here's a 'lil picture I took of me in my room for fun/artsy purposes. I might turn this into a series since this is probs one of my fave pics I've ever taken!!

Sunglasses // A.J. Morgan
Shirt // Get a Life
Cardigan // Thrifted 
Skirt // ASOS
Shoes // Bass
My Easter outfit, aka burger PRINCESS. I've had that cardigan for 5EVER but I just realized it is SO CUDDLY and is the cutest pastel yellow!!

Sunglasses // A.J. Morgan
Shirt // Burger Records (DUH)
These are from spring break!!! Pigtails are my fave new 'do to do, and I look like an angel with them. 

Necklace // My nana's
Shirt // King Tuff (I got it at the a KT show, but it's on his site too!)

Crown // The Pulp Girls
Shirt // Wacky Wacko
Pants // Gloria Vanderbilt
Amount of Fabulous Sass and Perfection in this pic // ME
This outfit was GOLDEN. I wore this when Auds came up in February, and me, her, and Mirren had a mini-photo shoot filled with adorable props and FRIENDSHIP.

Coat // Thrifted
Shirt // Burger Records
Skirt // ASOS
Socks // Blue Q
Shoes // T.U.K.

These are basically a tiny sliver of outfits I've ACTUALLY had the energy to photograph, but they're all so cute!! I hope you luved them, and I'll see you lil' angels soon!



  1. easter outfit and king tuff <3 <3
    essine you are definitely queen of the babes

  2. I love all of these!! Especially the easter one and the wacky wacko shirt, which is just so supreme. I love this sort of collection of outfits, cause it gives a better look at your style in general instead of just one outfit. So sweet!


  3. Love your pink room and those amazing shoes in the last shot. <3

  4. You look amazing!!! I especially love that first shot <33

  5. my favorite is that last one!! love it <3


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