Wednesday, July 10, 2013

♡Spacey Babe ♡

HELLLOOO babies!

Dress: thrifted
Buttons: Shelly pin from The Pulp Girls, Hairspray pin from Hayley, and sweethearts pin from Boo Radley's
Earrings: GirlProps

 Lately I've been experimenting with my style more, hence the space-y, purple lipstick vibes! I've been inspired by the ultra babe Luna, and I've been trying out different cute style things-- more modern-y fashion, etc. This outfit has been my clothing staple, since I only where this black velvet dress now.

 I am totally obsessed with these buttons! The cutest babe ever, Hayley, gave me the Hairspray one (SWOON) and the Shelly one (this pin is literally my new obsession) is from my queens (and bosses), The Pulp Girls

I tried out this lipstick I got a long time ago from Manic Panic. It looks pink in the picture, but it's actually a totally SWOON worthy lilac. The one problem is that it stains your lips fuchsia (which is kind of cool but also not cool because once it's on your lips IT IS ON). It looks so cute that I might look that over though!

I'm finally taking pictures of my outfits again (WHAT), so look out for more of these in the next few days!  ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Psychedelic Daisy


  1. I love your lipstick and outfit! And I'm really glad you like the pin <3

  2. VELVET! I simply adore velvet! Lovely dress!

    Peace & love

  3. that shelly pin is perfection

  4. Hey! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check out my blog for more details.

    -Blue Jade Press

  5. That velvet dress is so cute, I wish I had such a cool staple item!! and that lipstick is just fabulous! xx

  6. This is so gorg!!! Omg you are perfect eeeek

  7. You look so gorgeous in the velvet I bet it's super comfortable. The vintage-princess and your buttons are to die for I NEED THEM! x

  8. ah, i love the pins you are wearing here! your dress is wonderful as well, i want a longer velvet dress now!

    lindsey louise

  9. oh my goodness, that Shelly pin! I must have one with Agent Dale Cooper! <3
    love your lip color, too! :)


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