Monday, February 4, 2013

Dreams of You And The Things You Do

I used to really consider myself a collage artist, but lately I've been super into drawing/painting/making art that I'm thinkin' that title has CHANGED. Although I've drawn/painted all my life, right now I'm just so ~INSPIRED~ and feel like I'm challenging myself with it, so I feel particularly happy with whatever I do.
Making art is a rad boredom killer, plus you get to do whatever you want-- and then you have this PRETTY 'LIL piece of something you made! You can look at it! Hang it on your wall! SHOW IT TO FRIENDS! IMPRESS PEOPLE! Art rules, guys, even if you can't draw a stick figure.
Here's most of the finished stuff I've made these past few weeks.

Dream Portrait #1
Ink pen, acrylic paint and glitter

Dream Portrait #2
Ink pen and acrylic paint

Dream Portrait #3
Ink pen and acrylic paint

Witch Baby
 My interpretation of a Lanka/Witch Baby from Weetzie Bat (more on how cool Witch Baby's are in a future post!!! KEEP YO EYES PEELED)
Ink pen

Witch Baby Stomp
More fun with Witch Babies because I DUNNO, I WAS INSPIRED/IN LOVE.
Ink pen

Daisy Chains
Not sure if I'm totally done with this one, but she is SO ADORBS.

Open Road
Ink pen, watercolor and acrylic paint

Look into my crystal ball
Ink pen and colored pencil

I'm still finishing a few pieces and making more all the time, and I'll deff be posting more for you ~lovely babes~ to look at! <3 

Psychedelic Daisy


  1. These are gorgeous! I especially love 'Open Road'. I was just painting, actually. So fun.

  2. the nails are pretty epic, lovely blog :)


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