Thursday, August 23, 2012

This is How I Spend My Money

A couple of weeks ago, I remembered why I never go into the grocery store anymore.
I generally walk out with at least one item that I just needed to have.
BUT, in justification of this, I did buy some DANG RAD stuff in a few weeks ago.
Here we go.

I have wanted some new stickers for forever and ever and ever and ever.
SO, when we went to get some partayyy supplies for moi's birthday (1 week of 14-teen-ness tomorrow), I found these and was like, OH YAH, SMILIES, NEED THEM NOW.
Plus they were $2.00 for a pack of 8. I AM SO THRIFTY.

 Then I lost control and found these sunglasses.
As I said before, I needed them.
They are so '60s/'70s and cool.

PLUS, even I hated these glasses, I would want them simply because when I take pictures through them, they look like this:


I was planning on spending the $20 in my wallet wisely,
but then I found Tavi staring at me from the magazine rack and I COULD NOT HELP MYSELF.
So I decided to be cute and put smiley stickers on her.

And now I have no money.

Psychedelic Daisy

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