Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday's Dose

Although I'm feeling pretty blahhhh right now, I managed to search the deepest corners of my soul and pull out a visual list of things that are just amazingly wonderful to me at the moment. All these pictures and ideas just make me really happy, and I've decided to call them Monday's Dose. Dose of what? I'm not quite sure.
Twin Peaks, vintage photo booth picture from and still from Fried Green Tomatoes. What I'd give to re-watch Twin Peaks again and not know any of the plot details before hand. Those were the days.
The Poseidon Adventure. I love everything about this movie. Period.
Shelley Winters, The Poseidon Adventure. Jesus, I'm so jealous of how amazing she is.
Film still from Say Anything. I really miss John Cusack and his late 80s awesomeness right now.
Girls from internet k-hole. How beautifully early 80s is this?
Trees and road from internet k-hole. Ahh, I'd give anything to be there...
60's hippy by unknown. This is dedicated to "free spirited-ness", which I wish I had more of.
Film still from Cujo... I've included this because it's really all about Dee Wallace, and she's amazing.
Helga from The Witches. One of my favorite movie grandmas of all time!
Witch's Sister cover. Agh, I miss reading books in the summer...
Now I just want to retreat to my room and collage. I'm trying to cut back on the internet and watch movies, read, be creative, etc.
I don't know how well that will work out.

Au revoir!


  1. YOU are radical!!! thank you so much for the shoutout on your blog and I look forward to reading yours to infinity and beyond!!!


      No problem, love! Yours is one of my absolute faves!

      Thanks so much, hun!

      ♡ Psychedelic Daisy ♡


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