Saturday, December 6, 2014

☽☆☾ Halloween Queen ☽☆☾

OK BABES, it's now like, December 6th. I'm aware. I know. BUT, I realized yesterday that I had completely neglected to show off how sick, wicked, and over the top amazing my costume was this year. I KILLED IT. IT WAS PERFECT. Basically, I couldn't decide what I wanted to be until like, the last 3 days before Halloween. I begged my Dad to help make me into this Martha Stewart alien tin-foil costume, but it was TOO LATE, so I settled for a cool blue-faced vampire, aka the Lillith Living Dead Doll.My dad made me a styrofoam stake for my heart, I had super amazin' fangs, and I was EXTREMELY bloody. Once I was done getting into it for the first time, I realized it was super B-Horror movie and I was super close to the LDD, and I WAS IN LOVE. I made my blue face make-up by putting blue eye shadow onto my face and the rest was just my usual make-up stuff, and I owned all of the outfit already! It's definitely one of the best costumes EVER, EVER, FOREVER. Before I went out Trick-or-Treating with a few buddies (yes, I am 16), my fam took some creepy cool pics in the cemetery!

Fangs/bloody stuff after we got home!

 Our pumpkins!! Mine are the UFO and Jack-o-Lantern, and the alien is Mirren's! 

All our family's pumpkins together! This was an INCREDIBLE pumpkin year, people.

It was a weird, fun, cool, PRETTY STELLAR Halloween, especially since I pulled together a bloody awesome (haha.HAHAhahAHAAHA, GET IT?) costume in only a few days! How was your Hallowen? WHAT WERE YOU? WHAT WERE YOUR FRIENDS? HALLOWEEN RULES! I WANNA HEAR! Let me know, and have a super nice weekend!



  1. that is totally the best B-grade vampire costume to ever grace the earth, you are a lil' angel Essine <3

  2. It's never too late for some halloween vibes ;). The jack o lanters are amazing, also loving the idea of the stake on your costume, haven't ever seen anyone do that and i've come to wonder why !

    Charlie xx

  3. ah you look so coool!!! <3

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  5. Those shots in the dark are amazing, creepy as hell! I love the doll inspiration. Those carved pumpkins look great, massive carving skills. The space ship ids my favorite.
    For Halloween I was going as a Gypsy. Didn't end up doing anything though....

    - Harlynn


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