Monday, May 20, 2013


So, as I said a while back, I recently went on a ROAD TRIP! If you cuties don't know, road trips are like, my favoritest things ever ever. I love driving around, and I love seeing new places and small towns, so NATURALLY road trips and I are BFFs. My family rarely ever takes vacations, BUT WE TOOK THIS ONE, and it was one of the funnest (yes, I said funnest) TIMES EVER.
I got to see family members I hadn't seen in 10 years and they were all so amazing and it meant a lot to me in general. Plus the town we went to was tiny and all the houses were from the '60s and back and painted pastel colors and had amazing mountains and blue sky, but everything was old and decaying and empty. It was so weird and David Lynch-esque (pretty but under the surface decaying, blah blah) but also super gorgeous.
Look at my pretty stills below!

It started off all rainy and misty, with all the Twin Peaks-y vibes goin' on.

THE QUEEN of awkward road trip selfies 4ever.

 Then it was cloudy but there was sun and blue skies at points.

 It was mostly a lot of mountains and hills and desert (YAY!) but I did see the trusty Fruit Antiques place I always see when we go on a road trip and this cross on the side of a hill.

THEN, right as we were entering the area, A RAINBOW APPEARED all Wizard of Oz magic-like.

Fab bodice piece from the museum. This is going on my Christmas list ASAP, dudes.

Super rad '30s dress I would DIE FOR.

Pretty 1900s trinkets and silverware. 

We went to this museum which was SO COOL and had so much stuff for a small town! It almost had too much stuff to look at. It had amazing old clothes and pictures of people from the 1800s WITH THE CLOTHES THEY WERE WEARING IN THE PICTURE right next to it and cool displays and I.LOVED.IT. Not only am I a huge vintage lova, but I have been a huge history freak throughout my whole life (thus, my love of vintage). I love seeing even the most mundane old things (show me a can of 1930s soup and I'll cry) and I find it so fascinating. Of course, I took about 303933333 pictures, so I kept it short and sweet here.

The mountains through some binoculars. 

The mountains and general area was so magnificent. I had never seen something that seemed so beautiful and natural and yet so huge and hard to fathom. The clouds seemed so close and everything felt so big and indescribably perfect.

We also went to a Dairy Queen that my NANA AND HER SIBLINGS USED TO GO TO WHEN THEY WERE KIDS (omg omg omg) and it was so rad! I had a dipped cone and looked like Queen of the DQ, duh.

 CAKE SELFIES 4ever. I love all the weird DQ ice cream cakes that say "FABULOUS!" and have princesses on them. They are the best.

 After my cake selfies, we ate our ice cream and I took ice cream selfies of me doing so. Don't ask guys, don't ask.

We drove out of town and saw trees and rivers and the moon and I swore I was living in a movie-like alternate universe of perfection.

I wore cute clothes I didn't take pictures of. Sigh.

AND, finally, here are so various pictures I got while cruisin' round the town! They all remind me of movie stills and me and my brother kept saying this was THE ideal place for a movie, which is definitely true!

 There were so many clouds everywhere. It was super magical feeling.

There was this super cool theater from the '40s that was painted pastels!

 We saw THE MOST STYLISH hearse I have ever seen! When I die, this is what's gonna take me away (I will have Liberace playing in the background and I'll be covered in red roses, of course. The license plate will read "Hearse 2 Heaven".)

The houses were so pastel and Edward Scissorhands-ish! It was a total cross between a David Lynch and a Tim Burton movie, I swear.

It was the totally, totally BEST TIME ever and I cannot believe how perfect everything was! I was so happy and excited for everything the whole time, and I keep wishing I could be back to blue mountains and pastel houses *deep sighs*. But, on the plus side, this trip has further cemented me and road trip's tight bond. We have now moved up to Best Friends Forever Forever. We're tight, guys.

Anyways, dears, this whole month I've felt super tired and drained (pre-summer bluez, I guess), so I'm sorry for not updating! School is gonna be ending soon everything feels so weird-- stuff from last year feels so close and things from a few months ago feel so faraway. Ending my ~super cool deep rant about *TIME*~ I've got a couple of posts for the rest of May, so look out for some more rad pictures and an interview!

Psychedelic Daisy


  1. Road trips are the BEST and your photos are gorgeous!! Aah. I need to move out to the Northwest ASAP.

  2. I remember going on a 3 day road trip to Florida with my family and it was awesome, I mean we did get lost a few times but we always stopped at these tasty diners that left me with great memories c:

    BUT, your trip looked so fun ! I wish I lived near cool retro towns like that.

    And those Dairy queen cakes look so good omgkjdfhdfhsdk, If I had a job I'd be buying dairy queen cakes all the time !

    I'm glad that you had a fun time on your trip :]


  3. That looks like the coolest road trip you went on a road trip into a vintage movie or something! I'm super jealous of that ice cream. And super jealous of your awesomeness. <3

  4. cute blog hun! love this road trip post too :) followed you on blogger! xx

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  6. eeep i just found yr blog and holy wow i am inspired to work at mine, visually appealing and great content beb you are my new fav blogspot person, keep it uppppp!


  7. Gorgeous photos gurrrrl! I can't wait for the summer to come so I can go on a massive road trip too! :)


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