Monday, September 3, 2012

Indian Summer

I feel as though I should apologize, because I've been kind of lazy, like the "I WANT TO GO WASTE HOURS ON TUMBLR AND DO NOTHING ELSE" kind of lazy. This translates to no real blogging, but  HERE I AM. Yayyyyy.
To start things off, I turned 14 on the 17th.
My birthday was MAJORLY rad, and my parents gave me really cool presents, most of which were from Etsy or eBay, or some place that sells used vintage things.
My heart melted when I opened all of them, and my lovely parents made me a beautiful cake that was pink with a daisy on top. HEARTS IN MY EYES, GUYS. Plus my mom decorated my table with daisies in vintage salt shakers, and daisies in nice little rows, AND DAISIES EVERYWHERE. Oh, it was fantastic.
And I woke up to some of my favorite birthday/party themed songs ("Birthday", by the Beatles, "16 Candles", by the Crests, "What a Nice Way to Turn 17", by the Crystals, and "It's My Party", by Lesley Gore).
So, anyways, apart from that I've been collaging (really should post those), Tumblr-ing, dressing-up, reading a lot about fat acceptance and feminism, and hanging out before school starts (DUN DUN DUN DUN).

I wore this outfit to go to a going away party for my friend (SO SAD, seriously):
Dress: vintage from Miso Vintage on Etsy
Tights: Forever 21
Shoes: Torrid

My parents got me this dress for my birthday, and IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL, I WANTED TO CRY, CANNOT BELIEVE I OWN SOMETHING SO BEAUTIFUL AND STUNNING AND '60s. AHG, IT'S LOVELY. The really sad thing is that I ripped one of the little adornments that go down the front while getting on and off a swing (CURSE YOU, SWING). Tearssss.

I wore this to run some errands with my mother:
 Dress: vintage from Ottolines Oddities on Etsy

I got this dress for my birthday, as well, AND IT MAKES MY HEART MELT. It's so classically '70s. I feel like Vickie Miner every time I touch it.
Oh, and my grandpa got me a new camera that takes BITCHIN' pictures with RAD effects, like said picture above. Ah, I love it.

And my make-up was really simple '70s, but here it's kind of faded: 
Eyeliner: Hard Candy Liquid Eyeliner
Mascara: Hard Candy
Lipstick: Covergirl Cover-up

And here is another stunning dress that I got for my birthday that I have no pictures of me wearing:
Dress: vintage from Ande Monster on Etsy
It is really pretty, and HAS PINK DAISIES ON IT. It was so made for me. Someone in the '60s thought, "Some girl in 2012 is really gonna love daisies and the time I live in SO I'LL MAKE HER THIS DRESS."
Definitely what happened.

I had to wake up early and go to the dentist, so I did this thing I've been doing with my eye make-up lately:

Eyeliner: Hard Candy Liquid Eyeliner
Eyeshadow: Hard Candy Powder Keg Eyeshadow 

It's hard to see here/looks pretty bad here, but in reality it is really cool. I based it on Iona's look in Pretty in Pink (best movie ever), and the Mermaiden's trial, but with color.

Lipstick: Revlon
Dress: vintage from Ottolines Oddities Etsy
Sunglasses: A.J. Morgan
Tights: We Love Colors ('nother birthday present, YAY! These are the best tights I've ever owned. Period)
Shoes: Torrid

I asked for those tights so I could pretend to be Vickie Miner.

And that's all for now!

Psychedelic Daisy

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