Monday, September 24, 2012

September Gurls

Hey, y'all!
I feel like it has been *forever* since I last blogged (which really isn't true, but WHATEVS). So, hai, let's go through my life as of late!

 Dress: thrifted
My mom got this dress a few months ago to put on Etsy, but then I was like, AHHH I NEED THIS, BECAUSE IT PRETTY MUCH FITS (except in the arms, and I like, cannot move my arms in this. Ohhh well...) AND IS SO WONDERFUL.
But really, IT IS THE BEST THING EVER. So yeahhh, go me.

 Boots: thrifted 

 This dress also makes me feel really ~witchy~. We were all driving around, and I was listening to "Witchy Woman"
and was all like "WHOOOOO OOOOH WITCHY WOMAN". Major vibes from this dress, guys.

Look at this amazing car I saw when we were driving...

 Pink necklace: Girl Props
Crystal necklace: DIY

OH, GUESS WHAT? I GOT I RECORD PLAYER! I was supposed to get this one on my birthday, but (to make a long story short) it just didn't work out and my mom could not find it anywhere. Then, a few weeks later, we found the same one on EBAY! THANK YOU, EBAY!
It is really amazing and I love it with all my heart <3
 Dress: vintage from Etsy
Tights: We Love Colors
Vest: thrifted
Shoes: Torrid

 Badge: DIY'd
I made this Laura Palmer badge with my Badge-a-Minit and the inside of the Twin Peaks CD that I have. It is one my most favoritest badges that I've ever made, EVER.

 Necklace: vintage from my grandma


 Glasses: Girl Props
Earrings: vintage from my grandma
I wore this outfit to a football game (even though I really hate football). Even though, ya know, football games are at night... THESE SUNGLASSES ARE JUST SO FUN that I bring them everywhere where humans will be. 
They are a party-starter.

 Badge: DIY'd
Another Laura Palmer badge. So purty <3

 Here is my cutie patootie face in a heart I painted pink for my next DIY kind of project.
It took me about two months to get around to painting it this ~lovely~ color, so I'm planning on decorating it two months from now. HAHA, just kidding. But, seriously, I am so lazy about these things... 

Headband: handmade
 Dress: vintage from Ande Monster on Etsy
Belt: from Ross
Tights: We Love Colors
Shoes: Torrid

I saw a former theater director of mine who told me that I looked beautiful and that she "loved my dress, loved my outfit, loved everything." It was really sweet and filled my heart with warmth <3

ANYWAYS, School *finally* started for me, so it's been kind of confusing and busy lately. I'll be blogging more, though, my lovelies!

Psychedelic Daisy

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