Tuesday, September 18, 2012

As Tears Go By

 Hat: from Ross
Shirt: vintage from Tabby's Vintage Shop on Etsy
Jeans: Gloria Vanderbilt
Shoes: thrifted
Bracelets: handmade

I really loved this outfit, I felt like Marianne Faithfull or something (IT WAS JUST SO CUTE). And I loved breakin' out the hat, seeing as I don't think I've really worn it much since I bought it for our Disneyland trip last year. 
Eyeliner: Hard Candy Liquid Eyeliner


So, I haven't been on a ton because my computers memory is ON THE OVERLOAD.
So I have yet to delete stuff (or have my mom delete stuff), put on my 700 pictures, upload them to my blog, and write witty captions.
Ah ha ha ha ha ha.

Psychedelic Daisy


  1. Oh, a floppy hat. And someone who looks AHmazing in it. Good job.


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