Saturday, January 19, 2013

Your Band Could Be My Life

Helllllllloooo, babes!

Here are some of my current MUSICAL favorites that I've been listening and re-listening to. I've added some newer stuff (Melanie!) and my old favorites (JANIS! THE UNDERTONES!).

Enjoy! <3
1. Janis Ian
Janis Ian is effing incredible.
She is amazing.
She is perfect.
Her music is lovely and folky and makes me CRY. She's quiet and loud and a mixture of all things great this world has. She captures my beautiful FEELS I have!
Basically, Janis was a '60s TEEN folk singer and later regular folk singer who got her stardom through "Society's Child" (personal favorite song), which is about an interracial romance and all the people who condemn the couple for it. She wrote it herself when she was 14, and it was banned on certain radio stations.  She was 14 when she wrote it! IN 1965! It was so taboo and different and people were shocked, as they were with the rest of her record (her writing is raw and real and beautiful). In addition to being controversial singer, she has also written some of the best music ever, and it's got so many teen girl/human emotions and sometimes I just BREAK DOWN when listening to her.
When I occasionally feel totally shitty and UNLOVED (like when you feel so awkward and like no one likes you), I'll listen to "At Seventeen" and feel like EVERYTHING WILL BE DIFFERENT SOME DAY AND I'LL BE FAMOUS AND YOU'LL ALL BE PEASANTS, BAHAHAHA! (just kidding) (not really) SHE'S JUST SO AWESOME, GUYS!
I've never actually met anyone who even knows about her, unless they're talking about Janis Ian from Mean Girls or something.
Listen to her and fall in love with her genius!

2. Shannon and the Clams
Shannon and the Clams sound like a 1960s prom band on drugs AND I LOVE IT. Their music is all loud and lo-fi and all about being bad and rad. And, Shannon Shaw, the lead singer, (from Hunx and His Punx, duh) is my new spirit goddess. I LOVE YOU, BABY. And,  since generally everyone I worship/listen to is playing casinos or dead, so when I find a REAL, ALIVE band that doesn't sound like the Biebs (sorry, Biebs) I'M SO HAPPY! DOUBLE HECK YEAHS! They make me feel like I should rat my hair and smoke some cigarettes. JK, smoking is totally nasty.

3. Melanie
I actually just found out about Melanie a few weeks ago, so I'm in the early stages of "OH WOW! A NEW PRECIOUS SINGER TO LOVE! OH, GOD!" and just discovering everythang this lady has made.
My favvvvorite song so far is "Soul Sister Annie", and it's folk-y and rock-y and sounds like Woodstock purity to me. SING IT, GIRLFRIEND.

4. Sonny and Cher
Sonny and Cher are SO SO SO groovy. They're pure  '60s/'70s GOLD, and Cher is such a freaking goddess.
They sound like summer, and life, and late '60s pop ALL MIXED INTO ONE. Ugh, I love them.

And who cannot love this song and the Dum Dum Girls re-make?


Plus, Cher's fashion---
TO DIE FOR. Give me long flowing hair, golden dresses and mod-eye make-up any day, baby.

5.  The Undertones
I found The Undertones through Rookie back in summer, and OMG, THEY ARE SO RAD.
They're a Northern Ireland punk/new wave band from '70s/'80s, AND THEIR MUSIC IS AMAZING. They're is not all LOUD AND SMASHY punk (smashy punk is still awesome, guys) but rock-y and whip your head back and fourth and sing like a maniac-ish. It makes me want to dance and be cray and be a *REAL TEEN*, but then I remember I would rather eat Cheetos and go back to sleep.

Have you guys heard any good music lately? I need new muses! GIVE ME YUR SUGGESTIONS!  I will listen to every single one <3

Psychedelic Daisy

P.S. This post was partially inspired by a post my baby gurl Sasssquatch did a while back. <3


  1. I don't know if you've heard of the modern band Bleached but they're this surf garage band. They're sooooooooo good, and they sound vintage <3

  2. I loooooovee the Undertones. omg Teenage kicks is one of my favourite songs ever ever ever....

  3. I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out! :)


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