Thursday, January 31, 2013

Groovy Baby

I am so, so, so, SO in love with this dress.

Ignore my blanket/ messy clothes/ awesome painted heart I did in the corner because I was bored/my weird positions
Hair clips: dollar store
Dress: Etsy (gift from 'rents)
Tights: Walmart
Shoes: Pleaser

It is so amazing and flower child-y and makes me feel like I should be the 4th Brady Bunch sister (even though I don't have blonde hair or curls or anything...)


I was going for a late '60s/early '70s look, like I really am a lost Brady sister/'70s high school girl who wears flowers in her hair and obsesses over David Cassidy (actually accurate description of me).

The detailing on this dress is ANOTHER PERFECT REASON TO LOVE IT. Look at the flowers!!

I also did really rad '60s/'70s make-up with light blues and light peachy pinks. THAT'S RIGHT, I DITCHED THE CAT EYE. It was painful for mama, but I SURVIVED. All the make-up here is really old, crappy dollar store stuff that isn't even worth mentioning (I'm cheap and poor and never throw anything away).


Nail polish: Wet 'n' Wild
Rings: "LOVE" one from Forever 21, other one from when I was like 7 (THESE RINGS SO RULE)

I did SWEET ~COSMIC~ NAIL ART with super duper gorgeous moons! My thumb looks super amazing and exactly how I wanted it to, whereas most of the rest kind of look like weird sort of circles with little dots in the middle. It also continued my '70s/cosmic theme I was going for!
I didn't decorate my right hand, which I'm gonna say is because I'm too cool for that, but it's actually because I can't do any kind of decent nail art on my right hand.

LOOK AT THESE GORG pictures I took today! The sky was amazing and I was internally freaking out because IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL and so perfect!

I am now also super obsessed with Gun Club, AKA THE BEST THING EVER (I couldn't find a good picture of them, which is SO SAD). Their music is like the epitome of perfectness! I'M CRAZY OBSESSED! "She's Like Heroin To Me" is my favorite song right now and GAH IT'S AMAZING LISTEN TO IT, GUYSSSSSSS!

I've wanted to blog a whole bunch these past few days, but I didn't know about what. I've been feeling super ~*!ARTISTICALLY!*~ inspired these past few days, but not super inspired in most other stuff, which includes ye olde blorg. DON'T WORRY, THOUGH, BABES, I am back from the tiny blog break I took, and I have LOTS LINED UP 4 U <3 <3 <3

Psychedelic Daisy


  1. i LOVE this dress - i could so see you as marcia's best friend! your nail polish is so rad, and i'm extremely jealous of how long they are!
    oh && i adore the pics you took of the sky!
    - emily xoxo

  2. I have blogger's block

    bleurrgrgrgrgrgrhhhhh. Love the dress though. It is a "yummy yellow" colour bahaha

    xx Domenic


  3. You're so adorable!! I love your blog.

    Also, the Gun Club is my favorite band in the world; no one I meet has ever heard of them, so this makes me happy <3 If you search for pictures of Jeffrey Lee Pierce (lead singer/my imaginary late husband) you will see what rad style he had. He was also BFFs with Debbie Harry and head of the Blondie Fan Club which is toooo cute.

  4. Love, love, love the dress, it suits you so well!
    And I have a "LOVE" ring exactly like yours,
    except it's actually from the 70s!

  5. you so should be the fourth Brady sister. This dress is so perfect and a awesome colour too!!!!! Your room is really awesome, arrrrrghgglfl so jealous.


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