Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Daisy Baby

I wore this to go a-thrifting a while back. When I first got this skirt, it was down to my knees (I had seen a super similar one on Etsy looking super cute and I was like I NEED THIS) and it looked like a really bad denim skirt that came from your mom's old maternity clothes from the mid-'90s. I've had it for almost a year and never wore it, so I decided to hem it and sew on some vintage '60s daisy applique things! 

Flower crown: DIY'd
Shirt: Sub Pop
Skirt: thrifted, DIY'd
Tights: Wal-Mart

I tried to give the skirt some '70s denim vibes and I think I'll be wearing it all the time now! It's adorable and so summery. Daisies make everything better, duh.

My favorite thrift store that I went to was all jumbled and weird and they got rid of a lot of stuff (SO MANY TEARS :'((((), so I couldn't find any rad records/decorations, BUT, I did find two super cute sweaters!
They're really small on me so they have that perfect vintage fitted sweater look.


This one is red-ish orange and really late '60s/early '70s, and it totally reminds me of Velma! I love, love, love turtlenecks and I've wanted one since forever, so this one is kind of makin' my dreams come true.

This one is like AJSKSLKJS THE BEST THING EVER! It's light pink (it's pinker than in the picture) (PASTELS 4EVER) and totally makes me think of Audrey Horne's sweater in the pilot episode (there was actually some red shoes at the thrift store that were just like hers, and if there had been a plaid skirt, AUDREY WOULD HAVE LIKE, MATERIALIZED IN FRONT OF ME).

I also recently bought $5 worth of glitter/glitter glue and my life has drastically improved since I bought it. NOW I HAVE RED AND BLUE AND GREEN AND WHITE GLITTER AND GLITTER GLUE AND GLITTER IS MY FAVORITEST THING EVER SO CAPS ARE REQUIRED. <3

I also worked on this decorative shrine-y shelf! It was pretty much holding all the random things in my room that I didn't know what to do with, so I took everything off it and took ~cool tingz~ from around my room and made it look FAB. I was going for a Mermaids-y, early '60s kind of theme with pinks and reds and it worked out perfectly, although it needs some more stuff on it! I've been trying to get a Room Tour post in order for MONTHS, so this is a different taste of my living quarters before I post the whole thing!

 I got the absolute greatest letter EVER from Eryn! It was filled with glitter and hearts and A GLITTER STAR WITH MY NAME ON IT and she wrote the letter on a HEART DOILY! (Plus WEETZIE BAT MAGIC LEVELS, yes!) I pretty much was constantly SCREAMING when I pulled out all the PERFECT  goodies! (The way I capitalized screaming makes it kind of scary, but it was GOOD SCREAMING, I promise you.)

I also got the OTHER absolute greatest letter EVER from Bridget! She wrote in on WONDER WOMAN PAPER (omgomgomg) and put heart confetti and HEART TATTOOS in there! EEEK! Pen-pals are actually the cutest/most amazing/GREATEST things ever!  By the way, EEEP, I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH THANX 4EVER <3 <3

So, I recently got back from the BEST (but super exhausting) road trip! I'm still kind of getting everything in order, so I'm still working towards answering messages and e-mails and stuff, plus uploading pics and writing new posts. Keep lookin' out for some road trip pics soon, though! <3

Psychedelic Daisy


  1. Um, that daisy skirt you customized is AMAZING, and those sweaters are super rad. Your shelf/shrine is wonderful, I can't wait for that room tour.
    Eeeek, it is sooo cool to see these things that I made/were recently in my bedroom in a photo on your blog!!! I'm glad everything arrived safely and hopefully there was still a decent amount of glitter.


    daisy denim skirt is lovelyyyy!

  3. ah this is amazing! i love the daisies crown!!!!!

  4. Ahhghhhghgghghg WHY ARE YOU SOOOO CUTE?!? Love EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. Especially your jumpers and your daisy skirt and ohh those letters are pretty! xxxx

  5. EVERYTHING IS SO KEWT AND THE DASIES ON YOUR SKIRT CAN WE JSUT OMG ASDFGHJK i am so jealous of your room too (as if i dont mention this every time, scoff)

    you are so babelyyyyyy♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  6. I love what you did with the skirt, it's so gorgeous now! So jealous ! Xx

  7. ah so gorgeous! the daisy appliques are just the cutest thing ever. also the glitter omg envy! <3

  8. Love the heart shaped shades;O) and cute outfits. Thanks for posting the photos and drop by me too soon.

  9. really cute pics !


  10. these outifts are the cutest!!! and eryn sends the best cards haha


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